How Do I Fix My Drooping Plants? 

When you water your plants and they are still drooping, there is usually something else going on.

Problem # 1: Too much water! You could be over-watering or your soil may not be draining well enough.

Try re-potting your plant in a looser soil and check to make sure you are using the right size planter as well.

Problem # 2: Bugs! Sap sucking insects can cause droop, even indoors.

Look out for aphids, scale, or mealy bugs. If you find any, carefully spray your plants or remove the bugs.

Problem # 3: The plant is just too heavy to hold itself up.

Provide support for taller or heavier leaves and stems.

Problem # 4: Damage

If only one or 2 stems are drooping, check for damage. A bent stem can restrict water circulation.

Clear the kink in the stem and bind it with cheesecloth while it heals.

Problem # 5: Too much heat or sun!

Move the plant to a location with less heat or sun. Give the plant some extra water while it recovers.

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