How Do I Fix a Dying Avocado  Tree? 

Many people love to grow this nutritious fruit in their back yard! 

When it comes to a dying or diseased avocado tree, the main culprits are usually root rot and fungal disease.

Check for these signs and symptoms of root rot and disease.

1 - Leaves turning brown and falling off 2 - Small, pale green upper leaves with brown tips 3 - Bare branches on the top of the tree

What to do first: Note all symptoms and discuss with a local garden center to help diagnose the issue.

If your avocado tree has root rot, working crushed gypsum into the soil can usually stop it from getting worse.

Water your tree less. Over-watering can cause both fungal growth and root rot.

Check the drainage.  If water is not properly draining away from the roots, it can cause many issues.

Applying wood mulch over the roots can promote healthy growth and inhibit fungal disease.

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