How to Save a Dying Corn Plant (Dracaena) 

Corn plants are a wonderful house plant that are sometimes dubbed "un-killable".

So it may surprise you when you notice the leaves turning yellow, brown, or growing inward!

Luckily the corn plant is very resilient and can usually recover with a little care.

Problem # 1: Yellow, droopy leaves

This is a sign of either dehydration or root rot.

To Fix/Prevent: For both of these problems, it's important to follow a proper watering technique.

1. Pot with well draining soil.  2. Water until it starts to pour out of the drainage holes.  3. Do not leave sitting in water.

Problem # 2: Brown Tips or Scorch Marks

This can develop from over-exposure to direct sunlight or a lack of humidity.

To Fix: Move your corn plant to filtered sunlight and away from drafts and dehumidifiers.

Problem # 3: Low Humidity

Corn plants do best in 40 - 50% humidity.

To Fix: Use a humidifier or lightly mist leaves to raise humidity in dry environments.

What else should you do now? Prune the unhealthy leaves.

Watch the new, healthy leaves replace the old, dying leaves!

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