Plants That  are Perfect for that Wet Spot  in the Yard 


If you have an area in your yard that is always wet, consider planting some of these 10 beautiful plants that love lots of water!

Many (but not all) varieties of ferns will happily live on the edge of ponds or in wet areas.

Lily of the Valley is a fragrant perennial that needs consistently moist soil.

Daylilies will add beauty to your wet yard with 200 - 400 blooms in a single month!

Indian Grass grows up to 6 feet tall and grows well in floodplain prairies.

Cattails will grow anywhere that supplies them a constant source of water. They are a very beneficial plant to humans and animals.

Irises come in a variety of colors and require very little maintenance when grown in a wet area.

Elephant Ears need a lot of water and they create a wonderful display with their large leaves.

Monkey flowers enjoy living in wet areas like marshes, stream banks, and wet meadows. Enjoy their blooms from spring through fall.

The Trumpet Creeper grows quickly and will attract butterflies to your garden.

Carolina Jessamine has 20 foot long stems with pretty yellow flowers. It can tolerate drought, but really thrives in wet conditions.

Learn how to grow all of these plants!