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Printable Garden Journal

Printable Garden Journal

Create your own garden journal at home using the printable templates in this bundle. These templates are perfect for organizing and tracking your gardening activities in a fun and creative way all year long.

Check out this short video to see it in action:

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What’s Included?

25 printable template pages in PDF format, including:

  • A Cover Page
  • A Shopping List Template
  • A Spring Garden-Prep Checklist
  • Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Goal/To-Do List Templates
  • A Square-Foot Garden Template
  • A Watering Tracker
  • A Growth Tracker
  • A Harvest Tracker
  • And Much More…

*A binder, colored pens, and sheet protectors are not included, but recommended (see below for recommendations).

Sample Templates

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The items below from Amazon are not necessary to create your journal, but they can help to enhance the look and protect your pages from damage.