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11 Amazing Anthurium Benefits You Should Know About

11 Amazing Anthurium Benefits You Should Know About

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Have you been keeping an eye on this beautiful ornamental plant called Anthurium? You should know that it’s more than just a pretty houseplant for Anthurium benefits are more than what meets the eye.

Popular in the floral world, Anthurium, also known as Flamingo Lily, is an exotic, low-maintenance, and easy-to-propagate houseplant. It’s also a Feng Shui plant known to bring luck, wealth, and fortune. Furthermore, it has been recognized by NASA as a great air-purifying indoor plant.

To give you more reasons to appreciate Anthurium, we’ll share with you the amazing benefits you can get from this plant, so stick around.

Do Anthuriums Purify the Air?

Yes, anthuriums purify the air. In fact, NASA includes Anthurium in its list of top air-purifying indoor plants. This is because this plant can absorb major indoor pollutants such as Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Ammonia, giving you clean and fresh air to breathe.

Having such plants is of great relevance, especially nowadays when interior air is becoming more hazardous than outdoor air. Owning an Anthurium at home is perhaps the most natural, safe, and practical way of filtering the toxic air indoors.

What are the Benefits of Anthurium Plants?

Aside from its ability to purify the air, there are other great benefits you can get from this plant. Below are the ten benefits of Anthurium to get you acquainted:

1 – Help Reduce Stress

Studies show that indoor plants have stress-reducing effects. They make the people in the room feel better even if they’re not glancing at the houseplants directly.

Anthurium, being such a lovely and striking plant, does this job effortlessly. It can help anyone at home decrease their burden of stress and fatigue, making them feel calmer and more relaxed.

2 – Boosts Productivity of Employees

A number of studies have shown that plants have a positive impact on the performance of employees in the workplace. Employees appear to be more optimistic and active, cognitively and physically, in the presence of plants.

They tend to concentrate and respond more quickly to tasks, resulting in an increased productivity rate.

Thus, adding Anthurium to your office can help improve your performance and well-being. If you’re an employer, placing some in the workplace can make a big difference in the mood and effectiveness of your employees.

3 – Filter Unpleasant Smell

Cleaning products, solvents, tobacco smoke, and other building materials emit indoor Ammoniaan irritating gas with a suffocating odor.

Inhaling this may cause nose and throat irritation. You may also experience coughing, shortness of breath, and a more serious effect, such as respiratory distress or failure.

Having Anthurium indoors can lessen these risks, especially since this plant is known to effectively reduce the amount of Ammonia in the air. Thanks to this plant’s purifying power, you can breathe normally without having to block your nose or complain about nasty smells.

4 – Lucky Plant According to Feng Shui

Anthurium is a popular Feng Shui plant. Its large and green foliage is associated with the notion of rejuvenation and is believed to draw good and positive energy.

Its red spathes, too, may bring you financial prosperity, since red is the color of wellness and good luck. Moreover, this plant’s yellow spadices can also bring you good health, wisdom, and success.

Placing this plant in a southwest corner can optimize its positive energy. Thus, it brings luck and protection against misfortune.

On the other hand, when you place Anthurium in the northeast spot in your room, it’ll improve your health and guard you against disaster.

5 – Low Maintenance and Requires Little Care

Another good side of owning an Anthurium plant is that it can thrive even with little care.

They don’t need to be watered daily, nor be fed with fertilizer frequently. Their growth is also slow. Hence, you can repot it every two to three years or when their roots start to protrude on the top layer of the soil.

Given these qualities of Anthurium, you can keep this plant indoors without much hassle and obligation. One thing you want to make sure of is that they’re exposed to bright indirect light and receive water at least once a week so they can grow happily.

6 – Help Ease Allergies

In relation to Anthurium being a great air purifier, this plant can weaken mold spores, a biological pollutant that causes an allergic reaction. Not to mention, it can boost the humidity level in the air, which helps weigh down pollen—the main cause of allergic rhinitis.

With this kind of ability, Anthurium has the potential to ease allergies. You can place this plant in your room and see if it’ll help your allergies subside.

7 – Can Help Ease Discomforts

Included in the Book of Lessons, published by the University of Hawaii and American Samoa DepEd, is the herbal use of Anthurium. It lays the information that the steam of Anthurium can ease the discomforts brought by rheumatism and arthritis.

This works by boiling the leaves in a pot and letting the person sit over it in a chair and cover it with a blanket. The person will sweat and his pores will open, giving this plant’s medical properties a chance to enter the body.

It’s also believed to be a useful poultice or plaster for cramps and aching muscles. You can apply the boiled leaf, too, on your neck and back, and peel it off within the day.

While this plant has this kind of benefit, it’s important to note that Anthurium can become toxic when ingested. It’s therefore best to elevate it or put it somewhere out of reach of pets and kids.

8 – Adds More Definition to Your Indoor Space

Anthurium comes in different colors such as red, white, pink, yellow, and burgundy. Each hue has that ornamental presence that can bring an expensive look and more definition in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Anthurium flowers are famous for their style, versatility, and elegance. They’re also praised for their ability to complement different interior designs.

What’s more to be happy about is that this plant can produce four to six blooms a year, with each bloom lasting for two to three months. With this, your house won’t surely grow sad about missing this plant’s brightly colored spathes and welcoming allure.

9 – Easy to Propagate

Now that you’ve got ideas about its benefits, you probably want to bring more Anthurium into your home or send some to your loved ones. The good news is, you can multiply this plant without having to buy a new one since it’s quite easy to propagate.

Chances are you can have more of this beautiful plant in your indoor and outdoor space, which means more luck and more troops against toxic pollutants.

You can propagate your Anthurium by separating the root parts, cutting the stem, and by planting the seeds.

10 – Marketable

Given the many benefits and popularity of anthurium, many houseplant lovers will be interested in adding this to their plant collection.

Now, for business-minded people, multiplying their Anthurium is a great way to earn money from this exotic and irresistible flowering plant. You, too, can propagate more and market it for a good price.

11 – Symbolic Gift for Friends

Anthurium symbolizes hospitality. Positioning this plant on your doorsteps is perfect since the open and rare heart-shaped nature of its spathes can make your visitors feel welcome.

Anthurium also means friendship and long-lasting love. Sending your friends an Anthurium as a gift can send a message of your genuine appreciation for having them in your life.

Thus, gifting this plant can strengthen your relationship with the receiver.

Final Thoughts

As someone who loves houseplants, knowing about Anthurium benefits can encourage you to propagate more and maximize the essence of this gorgeous plant.

This plant can filter the major air pollutants in the air, giving you safe and clean air to breathe. It’s also a lucky plant that can bring you wealth and good fortune and a natural stress reliever to help you carry a smile even after a long, tiring day.

These advantages and more make Anthurium one of the best plants to have and keep within the walls of your home.

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