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Can a Jade Plant Grow in Water? (And Is It Better Than Soil?)

Can a Jade Plant Grow in Water? (And Is It Better Than Soil?)

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Jade plants are a type of succulent that is native to Africa. They have a vibrant green color that adds beauty to any space. These plants are also known for their ability to purify the air around them. Therefore, they’re an excellent choice for homes.

Jade plants naturally grow in sandy soils. So, plant lovers who have them at home usually grow them in soil. However, some people ask, “Can a jade plant grow in water?”

The answer is yes, Jade plants can grow in water. They actually grow faster in water than in soil. However, growing the plant requires special conditions.

Keep reading as we answer the most common questions about growing a Jade plant in water and tell you the best ways to care for it.

How to Propagate a Jade Plant in Water

Since Jade plants are succulents, they store water in their thick leaves. As such, extra water makes them prone to root rot. So, they must be handled delicately, especially in water.

You need to follow the correct steps to propagate a Jade plant in water.

1. Cut around 4-6 inches of a Jade stem that is firm and healthy (Make sure the knife or clippers you used to cut the stem are sharp and sterilized to avoid damaging the plant

2. Leave the stem for some time until it’s completely dry (Let the cut end be calloused before putting it in water so the cutting doesn’t rot)

3. Fill a glass jar with clean water

4. Insert the plant in the jar, making sure only the bottom part is in the water (the leaves should be 2-3 inches above the water)

5. Place the glass jar in a place with bright sunlight

6. Change the water once or twice per week

After 4-5 weeks of following the above steps, your Jade plant will begin to show its roots.

Can Jade Plants Live in Water?

After the Jade plant has grown its roots in the water, some people choose to transplant it into the soil. However, you can also leave it indefinitely in the water.

Plants usually get used to the environment they grow in. Moreover, plants’ roots absorb nutrients and water from the soil in a different way than they do in the water.

Therefore, if you grow a Jade plant in water, it will be accustomed to that. Moreover, it would be difficult to transplant it into the soil as time goes by.

If you choose to keep your Jade plant in water, you have to provide it with proper conditions. This means you should change the water regularly to keep it clean.

You also have to give it adequate warmth and light as the seasons change.

Care Tips for Growing a Jade Plant in Water

There are a few steps you need to follow, to ensure your Jade plant grows in the water without any issues.

Keep the Water Clean

The key to growing a Jade plant in water is keeping the water clean. Dirty or contaminated water is harmful to the plant and could lead to diseases.

Moreover, water containing harsh chemicals such as chlorine is also harmful to the plant’s delicate roots.

It’s best to use filtered water to ensure the roots stay healthy. More importantly, you must change the water at least once a week or whenever it starts to look cloudy.

Give It the Right Amount of Water

When growing a Jade plant in water, only the roots should be in it. This is because leaves also have a chance of rotting in water since they store a lot of it.

You can use toothpicks to keep the stem cutting in place and prevent the leaves from getting wet.

Keep It in Adequate Sunlight

Jade plants require bright but not direct sunlight. Jade plants are prone to sunburn. So, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can cause the leaves to turn brown.

The right amount of sunlight for Jade plants is 4-6 hours daily of bright or filtered sunlight. If you notice signs of sunburn on the leaves, relocate the plant to a place with more shade.

Use the Proper Temperature

Jade plants thrive in warm conditions. Keep your Jade plant in temperatures between 65 and 75°F. The plants can tolerate slightly cooler or warmer temperatures.

However, you must protect them from extreme temperatures in the summer and winter. If you see the leaves dropping, make sure to adjust the temperature in the place where you keep the plant.

Benefits of Growing Jade Plants in Water

Growing a Jade plant in water has several benefits that make people choose this method over growing it in soil.

First, propagating the plant in water is much easier and quicker than growing it in soil. It’s an especially good option for beginners who are growing plants for the first time,

Second, growing it in water will allow you to see the roots and track the plant’s growth. On the other hand, when you plant it in soil, the roots will be buried.

Growing plants in water also makes them less exposed to insects or bugs that are common in soil.

Finally, Jade plants look better in a glass jar than in soil and are more pleasing to the eyes.

Final Thoughts

Jade plants are a beautiful addition to any home and are easy to care for. They can grow in soil or water. However, growing them in water requires some special attention.

You need to follow certain steps to propagate Jade plants in water. Additionally, you must ensure that you provide it with the right conditions, such as clean water, adequate sunlight, and warm temperatures.

Growing Jade plants in water is also beneficial for beginners because it’s easy and convenient.

With proper care, you can enjoy those green beauties for many years.

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