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Can Rabbits Eat Pothos? (How to Keep Them Safe)

Can Rabbits Eat Pothos? (How to Keep Them Safe)

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Having a pet rabbit is something that can bring joy to your life. So many people find rabbits to be cute, and they can certainly be interesting animal companions.

If you’ve recently started caring for a rabbit in your home, you likely know just how neat they are. These little pets love to eat veggies, and they’re so much fun to interact with.

Sadly, sometimes people have issues with rabbits nibbling on their houseplants. Your pet might do this while you’re letting it roam if you don’t pay close attention to where it’s going.

If your pet rabbit happens to eat a portion of a pothos plant, is this going to be dangerous? Will the rabbit be okay, or is eating a pothos very bad?

Continue reading to get all of the information that you need. This will help you to protect your rabbit moving forward.

Rabbits Shouldn’t Eat Pothos Plants

Pothos And Rabbits

If your rabbit eats any amount of a pothos plant, it’s going to be bad news. You see, pothos plants are toxic, and they’re known to cause animals pain.

Generally, rabbits know better than to try to eat pothos plants, but sometimes rabbits make bad choices. Many pet owners have had problems with rabbits nibbling on toxic houseplants and experiencing some pain because of it.

When you have pets, it’s important to keep them away from pothos plants. Eating this plant will be very harmful to your rabbit, and it can harm other pets as well.

Both cats and dogs will get sick if they eat even a little bit of a pothos plant. You want to protect your pets by keeping the houseplants in spots where they can’t reach them.

Will a Rabbit Die From Eating a Pothos Plant?

It’s possible that a rabbit could die from eating a pothos plant. However, you shouldn’t panic right away.

Typically, rabbits only die from eating pothos plants when they consume a large amount of the plant. If the rabbit just nibbled the plant a little bit, it’ll likely just cause burning and stomach irritation.

Pothos plants are toxic because they contain calcium oxalates. These are crystals that cause animals to experience severe irritation when they eat the plant.

So if a rabbit eats a bit of a pothos leaf, it’ll cause burning in the throat, mouth, and stomach area. This can be quite painful, and it’s likely best to reach out to a veterinarian to have your rabbit looked at right away.

If the rabbit consumed too much of the pothos, it could wind up having severe kidney damage. The worst outcome will see the rabbit die due to consuming the plant.

Calling the veterinarian will allow you to figure out how severe the problem is. If your rabbit did more than just nibble a pothos leaf, it’s best to contact the vet to be safe.

Some Pothos Plants Are More Toxic Than Others

Pothos Can Be Toxic To Rabbits

It’s worth noting that there are many different pothos plants out there. Pothos plants are incredibly popular houseplants that many people keep in their homes.

However, they’re not all the same. Some plants look a bit different, and they grow in different ways.

These plants also have different toxicity levels. Rabbits shouldn’t be nibbling on pothos plants or consuming them no matter what type you’re talking about, though.

If you’re lucky, your pothos plant might be one that isn’t quite as toxic. You’ll have to look up information based on the specific type of pothos that you own.

Since there are so many pothos varieties, things can vary quite a bit. Just know that it’s never a good thing for a rabbit or any other type of pet to eat a pothos plant.

Put Your Plants Somewhere Safe

You don’t need to avoid keeping pothos plants in your home just because you have a pet rabbit. It’s simply best to find a safe spot where you can put the plants.

All of your houseplants should be protected from your pets. Even if the houseplant wasn’t toxic, you shouldn’t want your rabbit to eat it.

It just makes sense to do your best to keep these plants out of the reach of pet rabbits or other pets in your home. You should find a shelf where the plants can stay safe and away from the animals.

Or you could put your houseplants in a room that is away from the room where you keep your pet rabbit. Either way, it’s wise to look into safer spots to put your houseplants to keep your rabbit from nibbling on things that it shouldn’t.

Can Pothos Plants Harm Humans?

Yes, pothos plants can harm humans. So you’ll want to keep these plants away from children as well as your pets.

The toxicity of these plants makes them unsafe for humans to consume as well. So if you were to nibble on a pothos leaf for some reason, it’d cause you excruciating pain.

People who consume pothos leaves will experience skin irritation, burning sensations, and significant swelling. It commonly leads to swelling of the lips, tongue, and throat.

Also, you’ll likely vomit and experience severe diarrhea issues. If you ever consume a pothos leaf, it’d be wise to go to the emergency room to get help.

Pothos plants are rarely fatal when consumed by humans, but it’s still something that causes a lot of pain. You’ll likely want treatment for that.

Coming into contact with these plants can cause skin issues, too. So handling a pothos plant without gloves for a long period can cause skin irritation.

Keep this in mind, and use gloves or wash your hands after handling the pothos plant briefly. So long as you exercise caution, there’s no reason to fear these plants.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that rabbits should never consume pothos plants. Do your best to keep your pet rabbit away from these houseplants.

They’re toxic plants that can cause rabbits to get sick. You might need to contact the vet to be safe if your rabbit ate portions of a pothos plant.

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