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Hoya Hearts: A Slow But Steady Growth Journey for Plant Enthusiasts

Hoya Hearts: A Slow But Steady Growth Journey for Plant Enthusiasts

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Has someone recently gifted you a hoya heart plant? These cute little succulents look great in your home, but you might be worried about caring for them.

If you don’t know a lot about these plants, you could be worried about messing up. Or perhaps you’re wondering if these plants even grow at all.

Has your hoya heart not grown since you got it? Do these plants grow at all or do they just stay the exact same size as when you got them?

Read on to learn about hoya hearts. This will make it so you’ll know what to expect when caring for these succulents.

What Are Hoya Hearts?

Hoya hearts are a type of hoya plant. There are many varieties of hoya plants out there that you can look into.

This particular variety has leaves that are shaped like hearts. The shape of the leaves makes this plant incredibly popular.

It’s popular to give hoya heart plants as gifts on Valentine’s day as well as other romantic occasions. Some people simply love caring for them because they look really nice, too.

These plants are actually called hoya kerrii plants. You’ll find them being sold in stores under various names, though.

The term “hoya heart plants” is likely the most common. However, you might find people selling Valentine’s hoyas or lucky heart plants as well.

No matter the name, what you’re really purchasing is a hoya kerrii plant. It makes sense that these plants would be so sought-after due to how nice they look.

Will a Single Hoya Heart Grow?

There are many places that sell hoya hearts. Some businesses sell these plants as single leaves.

This is a bit different from the plant that was discussed above. You see, this is a single hoya heart leaf that has been rooted in soil.

Since this isn’t a full plant, you might be wondering if it’ll grow into one. Sadly, that’s just not possible.

A single-leafed hoya heart plant will not grow. It won’t produce any other leaves or turn into a full plant.

You can take care of the single leaf and keep it around for a while. However, this is not something you’ll want to purchase if your goal is to grow a larger plant.

Growing Hoya Heart Plants

Growing these plants won’t take a lot of effort. So long as you have a true hoya heart plant and not a single leaf that has been rooted in soil, it’ll be easy to get good results.

Even so, it’s good to know what to expect so you can do things right. You’re going to care for these plants much the same way you would succulents.

To thrive, these plants need ample amounts of sunlight. So you’ll have better luck if you place them somewhere that’s bright and sunny.

Direct sunlight is likely a bit too harsh for these plants. It’d be wise to give them indirect sunlight to keep them safe.

When planting hoya heart plants, it’s imperative to use well-draining soil. These little plants don’t do well if the soil holds onto water.

Use loose soil that contains perlite and sand. You might even want to use a potting mix that’s usually meant for cacti or orchids.

Water these plants every so often when the soil starts to dry out. Always check the soil with your fingers first since you don’t want to water the plant too much.

These plants are easy to keep alive since you don’t need to water them all that often. Many enthusiasts say that neglecting the plants will be fine since they don’t need much water.

Simply put the plant somewhere that’s sunny enough and all will be well. Many people choose to put these plants on windowsills.

Note that these plants don’t grow very fast. They will grow, but it’ll take some time to see results.

So long as you’re giving the plant enough sunlight and you’re watering it now and then, it’ll grow. Just keep an eye on the plant and everything should turn out nicely.

Temperature and Humidity Advice

Generally, people keep these plants inside. It should be easy enough to keep things warm enough for these plants in your home.

They thrive in temperatures between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You never want to let the plants get exposed to temperatures that are close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

These plants do fine with standard humidity levels that can be found in peoples’ homes. However, if you live in a dry part of the world, it might be wise to put a small humidifier near the plants.

So long as you’re keeping the plant in a good environment, it’ll continue to stay healthy. You should have a simple time keeping it alive.

How Long Do Hoya Hearts Live?

If you care for these plants properly, they don’t necessarily have to die. Hoya plants seem to live forever so long as their care requirements are being met.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you keep caring for the plant. These plants grow slowly, but they can grow large if you do your job right.

It’s said that hoya kerrii can reach thirteen feet in length at maturity. You might need to care for the plant for many years to give it a chance of reaching maturity, though.

Luckily, these plants are easy to care for. You simply need to give them enough sunlight while watering them often enough.

The plant will die if you neglect it completely. A lack of water can kill the plant, but so can giving it too much water.

You need to be careful when watering these plants to be on the safe side. Let the soil dry out completely before watering the plant again.

If you keep doing things this way, your hoya heart plant will be in your home for a long time. It’ll grow larger, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when it finally shows significant signs of growth.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more about hoya heart plants. These plants do indeed grow, but they’re known to be slow-growing plants.

You will get them to grow by meeting their care needs. Ensure that they get ample sunlight and water them every so often without going overboard.

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Tuesday 1st of November 2022

Just a suggestion, your articles would be so much better if photos were included. A single Hoya heart leaf was actually my very first house plant! I didn't realize that it was just a single leaf without a node when I bought it. It's too bad that these sellers don't simply include a node with the leaf! Then, it most likely would eventually grow into a beautiful Hoya Kerrii plant!


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Oh, I agree. I am working on adding more photos to my articles. :)

Happy Planting! Lisa