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Sick of Prying Eyes? Grow a Living Fence With These 13 Speedy Shrubs

Sick of Prying Eyes? Grow a Living Fence With These 13 Speedy Shrubs

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Sometimes you just want to be able to go outside and enjoy the day without having to worry about your neighbors. When you live in an area where people’s homes are close together, you might not feel as though you have a lot of privacy in your own yard.

Of course, you could choose to install some type of privacy fencing if you want to go that route. However, you could also choose to install some shrubs to gain a bit of privacy.

There are many types of shrubs that grow tall and work well for providing you with privacy in your yard. You’re likely going to want to plant fast-growing shrubs if you want to enjoy that privacy soon, though.

Below, you’re going to be able to read about several fast-growing shrubs for privacy. This should help you to pick out shrubs that will work perfectly for your purposes.

1 – Beautyberry


If you’re looking for a bush that grows remarkably fast, then beautyberry might be the one for you. This bush grows so fast that you might need to prune it pretty aggressively in the early spring.

Regardless, you should know that this bush is a great one to have in your yard when you’re looking to create cover. The bush grows fast enough that it will give you a good amount of privacy in a short amount of time.

It’s also worth noting how nice this bush looks during the autumn months. Beautyberry will sprout beautiful berries that will make it very impressive to look at.

You can grow a beautyberry bush if you live somewhere in USDA zones 5 through 7. These bushes like moist and rich soil and they do great in full sun.

2 – Cotoneaster


This is a very dense type of bush that is going to do a good job of giving you privacy. It does look a bit bristly, but it is quite appealing for many different reasons.

Red berries grow on this bush and that adds a lot of color to the mix. They really do look quite pretty when the berries are growing, and they’ll be good for giving you the privacy that you crave in your yard.

These bushes are meant to be grown in USDA zones 5 through 7. You should give them full sun exposure so that they can grow well and thrive in your yard.

When planting cotoneaster bushes, be sure to place them in loamy soil that drains well. You want to keep the soil evenly moist when caring for these bushes.

3 – Forsythia


A forsythia is an option that you should look into when you want privacy hedges. These are fast-growing shrubs that are going to be so amazing to look at in the spring.

Seeing your forsythia shrubs turn yellow during the spring will be a true sight to behold. In many ways, the forsythia flowers will start to become a part of spring for you and your family if you plant these shrubs on your property.

To get the best results when caring for forsythia shrubs, you’re going to want to give them full sun or partial shade. The soil that they’re planted in should be a bit loose and it should be able to drain very well.

These shrubs can be grown in USDA zones 5 through 8. If you live in the right part of the world where these shrubs can thrive, then they’re a fantastic option to consider.

4 – Lilac Shrubs

White And Purple Lilac Bush

Lilacs shrubs are popular for much more than providing people with some privacy in their yards. These are pretty shrubs that bloom in the late spring and produce eye-catching purple flowers.

You’re definitely going to be drawn to lilac shrubs if you’re looking for something that will stand out in your yard. People also like them because of how fragrant they are.

Lilacs can help to make your yard smell really nice overall. They’ll also grow big enough to give you the amount of privacy that you desire when you use them as border shrubs.

You can grow lilac shrubs in USDA zones 3 through 7. They like to have access to full sun and are going to do best in a loamy soil.

5 – Mock Orange

Mock Orange Bush

Mock orange bushes are truly beautiful and they also have a distinct citrus-like fragrance. The reason why this bush is called mock orange has to do with it not being a real orange plant.

It has stunning white blossoms that are going to add charm to your yard. This can give you privacy in your yard while also keeping things looking as beautiful as can be.

This bush should be placed in either full sun or partial shade. You want to plant it in loamy soil that drains really well so that it can grow strong.

If you’re looking for a bush that can give you privacy while also being gorgeous to look at, then this one is certainly appealing. It’s well worth considering for anyone who lives in USDA zones 4 through 8.

6 – Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow

Pussy willow is a very common shrub that people like to purchase when they need something that grows fast. Much as with the forsythia mentioned earlier, it’s going to start displaying blooms early in the spring.

The pussy willow shrub has these interesting fuzzy white catkins that have a unique charm. Many people think that they look really cool and they might be a perfect fit for your yard, depending on what you’re going for.

You’ll be able to grow pussy willow shrubs in USDA zones 4 through 8. They do well in either partial shade or full sun.

Be sure to plant pussy willow shrubs in loamy soil to get optimal results. It’s also going to be best to ensure that the soil is nutrient-rich.

7 – Red Twig Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood

Red twig dogwood is a beautiful type of shrub that is going to look nice in your yard. If you’re looking for something that will give your yard some aesthetic appeal while also helping to give you privacy, then this will please you.

These shrubs will be perfect for anyone who lives in USDA zones 3 through 8. They can provide you with quite a bit of privacy while also looking quite nice in your yard.

To get these shrubs to grow well and remain vibrant, it’s going to be necessary to give them enough sun. You can place the shrubs in full sun if you want to, but they can do okay in partial shade as well.

Ensure that the soil that you plant these shrubs in is nutrient-rich. Red twig dogwoods like moist soil, and you’ll want to keep an eye on them during periods of drought so that you can make the soil moist and help them to thrive.

8 – Diablo Ninebark

Diablo Ninebark

Diablo ninebark is an interesting option when you want something that looks a bit different. The dark foliage of this plant is going to give your yard a completely different vibe than the other options on this list.

It looks sort of black or purple and it definitely has an aesthetic appeal that is hard to deny. This is also a fast-growing shrub that can get very tall if you care for it properly.

This means that it’ll do a great job of giving you the privacy that you crave. You can have a unique type of shrub in your yard that is also great at keeping prying eyes from spying on you while you’re just trying to relax outside.

You can grow diablo ninebark shrubs in USDA zones 2 through 7. They can be placed in either full sun or partial shade and they like loamy soil.

9 – Arborvitae

Arborvitae Near Fence

Arborvitae has been used in hedges to provide a bit of privacy for a long time. These are evergreen hedges, but only some of them will be good for privacy.

You’ll need to find a cultivar that grows fast and you’ll need to ensure that it grows large enough. There are arborvitae plants out there that are on the smaller side.

If possible, you can try to buy the green giant version of arborvitae. They can grow up to 60 feet tall with a potential spread of 20 feet.

These can be grown in USDA zones 2 through 7 and they like either full sun or partial shade. Loamy soil that remains moist but drains well will be best for arborvitae.

10 – Loropetalum


Loropetalum has proven to be a popular option for many people who want fast-growing shrubs. It’s a very popular plant mostly because of how nice it looks.

It can be grown in USDA zones 7 through 10 and it’s one of the best options that you have for certain zones. It’s very common to see shrubs such as this being utilized in the southeastern sections of the United States.

You can get good results when growing loropetalum when you place it in full sun. It’ll do fine in partial shade as well so long as it’s getting enough sun.

Planting loropetalum needs to be approached the right way and you’ll want to use loamy soil that is a bit acidic. Ensure that the soil has a good amount of nutrients and that it’s capable of draining well.

11 – Yew


Yew should be considered by anyone who is looking for privacy hedges because of how shade-tolerant they are. You might need to place some shrubs in areas that don’t get full sun or partial shade, but most of the options mentioned so far won’t do well in shade.

Thankfully, yew shrubs will do just fine in shady sections of your yard. If you’re looking for a plant that can help you to get some privacy in shady sections of your yard, then this might be a perfect choice.

You’ll be able to grow yew in your yard if you live somewhere in USDA zones 2 through 10. It can be grown in many different regions, and that makes it an option that will work well for just about anyone.

All you need to remember is to plant these in well-draining soil. As long as you do this, you’re going to have a good experience with these evergreen shrubs.

12 – Burning Bush

Burning Bush

The burning bush is another common type of privacy bush that you’ll see in many areas. This is considered to be an invasive bush in many different parts of the United States.

It can grow really fast and it gets quite tall when cared for properly. This makes it an ideal candidate to be used as a privacy hedge.

You might wind up falling in love with the fall color of this bush as well. During the autumn months, the colors will range from pinkish-red to a deeper red.

You’ll be able to grow burning bushes in USDA zones 4 through 8. They prefer full sun and you should try to put them in sunny spots if you want them to thrive.

When planting a burning bush, it’ll be best to use sandy or loamy soil. These aren’t hard to care for overall and they’ll do a good job for you.

13 – Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock

Canadian hemlock is an interesting shrub that some people think of as a tree. Whether it’s a tree or a shrub won’t really matter too much since it’ll help you to get the privacy that you need.

It has the potential to become massive and it can really help to give you lots of privacy in your yard. You’ll often see people in Canada or the northeastern United States using these as privacy hedges.

These grow well in USDA zones 3 through 7. You’re going to want to place them in partial sun or partial shade for them to do well.

If you can give the Canadian hemlock rich soil, then it’s likely going to do quite nicely for you. Try to keep the soil moist to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

You have gone through a large number of different options now. There are so many shrubs that grow fast and work well to provide you with privacy in your yard.

Just pick a shrub that you like while also ensuring that you live in the right USDA zone to grow it. You’ll be able to have more privacy in your yard soon enough and the shrubs will look amazing, too.

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