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10 Gift Ideas Indoor Gardeners Will Love! (And a Secret Source for Inspiration)

10 Gift Ideas Indoor Gardeners Will Love! (And a Secret Source for Inspiration)

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Gift buying is horrendous. You know you want to get something that’ll be useful and not be just anything anyone can grab off a shelf, wrap it up, call it a gift and be done with it.

When you want to impress, you want the best. When that gift’s for an indoor gardener, you have your work cut out for you. That’s going to be easier with this guide by your side. With it, you’ll have 10 of the best gifts you can give an indoor gardener.

If that’s not enough, included (in #9) is an Amazon wish list of the most wished for items by indoor gardeners giving you the top 100. So, this isn’t just 10 gift ideas. Use the secret source to bring that up to 109 gift ideas indoor gardeners actually want.

Think that’ll make your life easier?

It’s our gift to you – go ahead and check these out…

For even more ideas, check out my list of Unusual Gifts for Gardeners.

1 – Rain Collection Barrels

These a reason this is listed at the top and it’s because rain water is the best water type for any plant, other than the decorative plants. If they’re real, rain water is the source that has multiple nutrients helping plants to thrive.

The trick is to catch enough of it year-round to keep a healthy supply of natural water to cater to plants throughout the summer months.

That’s where these barrels come in handy.

What’s more is it’s going to save on water bills too helping your special someone be more environmentally friendly since these are recycling water rather than using it.

Simply park the barrel outdoors and let it collect rainwater ready to use when needed.

2 – Rain Chains

An enhancement to a rain collection barrel is a rain chain, but it can also be used independently. Simply hang it from the side of a garden shed, in place of a down spout on the home, or hang it from a tree.

The function is the same. So long’s it is hung, the rain water will travel down the chain creating a marvellous spectacle of an outdoor water feature. When it reaches the bottom, collect the water in a barrel, or have a large enough plant pot for the water to collect in.

Here’s a video of one that’s in place to harvest rainwater:

All you need is a barrel to collect the water and a rain chain. You can hang these from the side of a shed, a tree, or the home. An oversized plant pot can be used instead of a barrel.

3 – Sky Planters

Indoor gardeners often have limited grow space. The solutions available are often grow towers, indoor planters and shelving systems often needing installation.

Eventually though, space will be restricted. The only space that’s rarely touched for decorative purposes is the ceiling and that’s where sky planters come to the rescue.

Simply hang the planters from the ceiling and plant a variety of smaller succulent plants. These are the ideal planting solution for indoor areas with limited grow space as you can just hang them up and let them be.

4 – The Parrot Flower Power

This is a great little gadget for the newbie to indoor gardening and those more prone to forgetting things like when to water their plants, prune them or repot them.

The Parrot Flower Power is a gadget that gets dropped into the soil of indoor plants and from there, it’ll monitor the plants health using Bluetooth to send insightful messages to the proud owner instructing them when their plant’s in need of attention and what to do and when.

Check it out:

It’s linked to a database of over 6,000 plants so chances are high, whatever your friend is trying to grow, this gadget will help them grow it right, the first time around.

5 – A Spider Catcher

Think homes with little plants have pest problems? There’s even more when the indoors have a touch of the outdoors, confusing insects into believing they’re free to set up home.

Pests are problematic to plants. Especially the ones that infest the plants. Give your friend the gift of a handy grabber that’ll lift any insect with ease, hold it within the brushes and when the trigger’s released (when it’s outdoors), the bugs are free to roam elsewhere. It’s the handiest solution to getting rid of bugs without any chemicals.

Since chemicals can be harmful to indoor plants, this is the safest solution for returning insects from indoors to the outdoors.

With a quality grabber, it’s possible to use these to catch wasps and bees inside and release them back outdoors without harming them (or risking a sting).

6 – A Garden Clock

Garden clocks do more than tell the time. A good one will tell a gardener the time, the current temperature and the humidity level. For indoors, temperature and humidity are vital pieces of data for the health of all plants.

While most garden clocks are designed for all-weather purposes so they can be used outdoors, there are plenty of more (shall we say) decorative garden clocks more suited to the indoor gardener.

For an idea of the type of clock that’s a great addition to a home with plenty of plants and a plant lover keen to keep their collection healthy, check out the Lily’s Faux-Stone Home Hanging Wall Clock. Any clock that has a hygrometer and a thermometer will be useful to an indoor gardener.

7 – Hanging Plant Animals

These are a super creative way to enhance the look of indoor plants. The collection is handmade animals designed to be hung on the stems and branches of indoor plants.

They’re only available at select places though. Direct from the makers- Aimee and Hannah of – or on or Within their collection is a flying squirrel, spider monkey, koala, raccoon, panda, frog, sloth, bush baby, a chameleon and an orangutan.

All are uniquely handmade, cute and make a gorgeous addition to any indoor plants.

8 – The Gardeners Storage Box (es)

One of the advantages of growing indoors is there are less tools needed. There’s still some though and it’s always great to have everything neatly organized.

A Jute basket is just the thing to store plenty of indoor gardening tools and keep them organized They look naturally beautiful and are a great addition to any plant area. No need for under-sink storage. Sit them out proudly with this affordable Jute Basket.

For something a little more boutique, go with a pair of Seagrass and Hyacinth woven storage baskets.

9 – Take a Sneak Peak at the Indoor Gardeners Wish List

Ever wish you could get a sneak peak into your friends Amazon Wish List? You can go one better and get a look at the ultimate wish list of every indoor gardener to shop on

Using this link, you’ll see two pages of the most wished for items in “Live Indoor House Plants.” It’s got everything from money trees, to beautiful Bonsais, planters, collections of succulents, and even Venus Fly Traps – an ultimate house plant that does what the name suggests – catches its prey.

Given that indoor gardeners can have an unsettling time with houseflies, a Venus Fly Trap could be just the gift they need but didn’t know.

10 – Sophie Conran Gardeners Gubbins Pots

These are an elegant solution to an organized mess. As with any hobby, tools, crafts, labels and accessories are going to wind up all over the kitchen table.

With these pots, they’re all named for the items they’ll house, which include two pots for labels and one each for wire, twine, vine eyes, pens, pencils, pea rings, snips and just for good measure, a spare one for miscellaneous items.

All in all, there are nine storage canisters that fit neatly on the tray it comes with and it has carry handles too.

Check that out here.

To wrap things up…

Hopefully you’ll have found something from the list above. If not, at the very least, it should have inspired a thought or two about what you could get your special someone as a gift they’ll adore.

In addition to the above, there’s the usual hotspot items like t-shirts, engraved mugs, plant-themed anything items like purses, wallets, phone cases, coasters and even custom plant inspired costume jewelry.

For those, there’s plenty around to choose from but they’re not as functional as what an indoor gardener would use and know you put the thought into the gift.

The gift ideas listed here are things that any indoor gardener would find a use or two for and thank you for the thought you put into getting them whatever you choose.

If you don’t find anything in this list, you can always resort to buying them a tool they’d use for their plants. For a list of all the gardening tools the indoor gardening will need, you can check out our other guide covering the tools needed for indoor gardening.

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