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How Big Do Anthuriums Grow? (And Tips to Increase Their Size)

How Big Do Anthuriums Grow? (And Tips to Increase Their Size)

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Anthurium plants are popular because they’re so pretty and they’re relatively easy to procure. You’ll find many different anthuriums being sold at garden centers and nurseries around North America.

If you’re looking into getting these plants, it’s likely best to learn more about them. You want to know how to care for them, and you also want to know how big they get.

Do anthurium plants grow to be quite large? Or are they plants that stay relatively small?

Read on to learn about anthurium plants and how big they get. You’ll get a lot of related information that will help you as a new anthurium plant owner.

There Are Different Types of Anthurium Plants

The first thing to understand is that there are different types of anthurium plants. Not all anthuriums are the same.

So not every anthurium plant will grow to be the same size. When buying these plants, you should get specific information about the genus of the plant.

There are times when shops will sell anthurium plants with vague descriptions, though. In such instances, it’ll be hard to determine the exact growth potential of your plant.

Even so, you can get basic information about the average size of anthuriums. This should give you a general idea of how big anthurium plants will usually be.

The Average Size of Anthuriums

Most types of anthurium plants grow to be between twelve and eighteen inches long. Some plants will be taller than others.

If you don’t have specific information about the genus of the plant, it’s a safe bet to assume that it’ll grow to be somewhere between twelve and eighteen inches long. There are other types of anthurium plants that are smaller or larger that you’ll learn about later, too.

You should also know that anthuriums can grow to be fairly wide. Common types of anthuriums will grow to have a spread of between ten and twelve inches.

So these aren’t the smallest houseplants that you can buy for your home. They’re still small enough that most people won’t have trouble finding room for them indoors, but it depends on what your living environment is like.

How Big Does a Giant Anthurium Grow?

Sometimes you’ll see giant anthuriums being sold at stores. These anthuriums are substantially larger than the average plants mentioned above.

A giant anthurium has the potential to grow between three and four feet tall. It’ll also be rather wide.

Most giant anthuriums are between two and three feet wide. You’ll need quite a bit of space for houseplants if you plan to keep giant anthuriums in your home.

Many people love these big and beautiful plants, though. They’re pretty and produce nice blooms, just like the average-sized anthuriums that you might be more familiar with.

How Small Are Miniature Anthuriums?

As you’d expect, miniature anthuriums are smaller versions that you can buy for your house. Some people like the idea of having plants that stay fairly compact.

Miniature anthuriums are classified as being under three inches long. They won’t be very wide either, and you can easily fit these plants in a cubicle or office environment.

For some, it’ll be more practical to own miniature anthuriums. These plants are compact, and they’re just as simple to care for as other types of anthuriums.

You can find miniature anthuriums being sold at many garden centers and nurseries. They’re popular plants that are close to being as common as average-sized anthuriums.

How Fast Do Anthuriums Grow?

The growth rate of anthuriums might differ based on the species. Some are known to grow faster than others.

Most anthuriums grow slowly or have moderate growth rates. If you give these plants ideal conditions, they will grow a bit faster.

Anthuriums are capable of growing without too much light. If you give them moderate to bright sunlight, they will grow faster.

When growing anthuriums from seeds, it can take years for them to flower. Many enthusiasts say that it will take up to four years for many anthuriums to be capable of blooming.

You can help these plants to grow a bit faster by watering them well without going overboard. It’s important to avoid watering the plants too much since that can cause root rot issues.

Fertilizing the plants will also improve the growth rate. It’s common for people to fertilize anthuriums once per month during the growing season.

Anthuriums grow during the spring and summer. So you’d want to fertilize them using a balanced houseplant fertilizer once per month during this period.

How Can You Make Them Grow Bigger?

Making anthuriums grow bigger is mostly about providing them with what they need. These plants won’t necessarily grow much larger than their expected growth potential, but you can help them along the way.

Of course, you need to meet the water and light requirements of the plant. Doing so will ensure that the plant has what it needs to continue growing.

It’s also best to plant anthuriums in nutrient-rich soil. You want the soil to provide the plant with plenty of nutrients.

Some anthurium enthusiasts choose to amend the soil using compost. This is a great idea if you don’t plan to use normal fertilizer.

Using houseplant fertilizer once per month is an option during the spring and summer. Just make sure not to go overboard since too much fertilizer will damage the plant.

Are Anthuriums Good for Beginners?

If you’re new to caring for houseplants, you’ll be pleased to own anthuriums. Anthuriums are considered to be very easy to care for.

This is because they’re hardy plants that don’t die easily. You can make a few mistakes along the way, and these plants will be okay.

They don’t need a lot of attention outside of handling the basics. You just need to give the plant light and ensure that you water it every so often.

Check the soil to make sure that the plant dries out between watering sessions. So long as you do this, it’ll be easy to avoid watering it too much.

These plants are good learner plants for beginners. If you’re a newcomer to the hobby, it’s easy to recommend starting with anthuriums.

Final Thoughts

You should feel like you have a better handle on anthuriums and how big the plants get now. There are different anthurium types, and some of them will be larger or smaller than average.

Typical anthuriums grow to be between twelve and eighteen inches long. Miniature anthuriums stay small and are under three inches long.

You can also buy giant anthuriums that grow to be between three and four feet long. Depending on what you want, you might gravitate toward one type of anthurium or another.

All of these plants are pretty, and they’re easy enough to care for. Even beginners can have a good time keeping anthuriums in their homes.

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