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Giant Peaches or Tiny Treats? Picking the Perfect Peach Tree for You

Giant Peaches or Tiny Treats? Picking the Perfect Peach Tree for You

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Having a peach tree in your yard is something that could provide you with a lot of joy. Peach trees are actually very pretty and you could make your yard look that much nicer if you decide to plant one.

It’ll also be nice to be able to harvest peaches from the tree once the tree is mature enough. Many people absolutely adore baking homemade peach desserts using fresh peaches from their own trees.

However, you might be concerned about whether you have enough space in your yard to fit a peach tree. If you’re working with limited space, then it might not be a good idea to get one if it is going to become large eventually.

How big do peach trees get? Are there certain types that are smaller and some that are larger?

Keep reading to learn more about peach trees and their size on average. This should help you to decide whether planting one in your yard is right for you.

Standard Peach Trees Can Grow Very Large

If you’re talking about a standard peach tree, then you should know that they can get quite large. A peach tree has the potential to grow up to twenty-five feet tall.

It’s also going to be close to twenty-five feet wide if you don’t take the time to prune it. Peach trees can take up a lot of space if you plant one in your yard.

You’ll need to ensure that you have enough room to accommodate a peach tree both vertically and horizontally. If you’re only able to plant a tree in a very small space, then it might not be a good idea to go with a standard peach tree.

If you do a good job of pruning your tree, then you can try to keep it down to between twelve and fifteen feet tall. This is actually better for the tree overall because the airflow is going to be substantially better.

You’ll also have an easier time reaching certain spots of the tree when you need to harvest peaches and do other things. Twenty-five feet is quite high up and it can make many things more complicated.

Even fifteen feet is quite high and it’s possible that this might be too big for your yard. It really depends on the amount of space that you have to work with; if you have a smaller yard, a normal peach tree might not be a practical choice.

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on peach trees entirely, though. There are actually dwarf varieties that will make them more practical for certain people.

Dwarf Peach Trees

Dwarf peach trees are going to be significantly smaller than standard peach trees. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing tree that isn’t quite so big, then looking into the dwarf varieties will be a very sensible choice.

If you buy a dwarf peach tree, then it might wind up growing as tall as six feet. This is a lot more manageable and you’ll also be happy to hear that it can grow to be six feet wide.

You can prune a dwarf peach tree so that it won’t be quite so wide if you want to. In fact, this is recommended because you want to give the tree a defined shape to keep it looking as nice as possible.

For many people with standard yards, it’s going to be better to plant the dwarf variety. You might only feel like you have room for a normal peach tree if you have a larger yard or if your yard happens to be fairly empty right now.

You Can Keep Fruit Trees at a Specific Height Via Pruning

Now you know how big peach trees can get. If you don’t have a lot of space in your yard, then it’s generally going to make more sense to buy a dwarf peach tree.

However, if you have a decent amount of space, then you might not be so worried about whether you can fit the tree. You just might be worried about the practicality of having a tall tree.

With regular pruning, you can easily keep a peach tree or any other type of fruit tree at a specific height. That doesn’t mean that you can make a regular peach tree as small as a dwarf peach tree, though.

As mentioned earlier, you can get a standard peach tree down to about twelve feet tall if you prune it very regularly. You need the tree to be able to spread out enough so that the fruit can grow properly and it can do what it needs to do, though.

Not everyone has a lot of time on their hands, though. Sometimes pruning is not easy because you might wind up not being able to prune the tree yourself as regularly as you need to.

People often hire companies to take care of trees for them. You can hire professionals to prune your peach trees and other types of trees on a schedule.

Of course, this is going to cost a good bit of money if you decide to go this route. If you don’t wish to pay professionals to trim your trees for you, then it’ll be necessary to handle things yourself using the proper tools.

You’ll always need to be careful when pruning tall trees. In fact, it’s going to be wise to only do this when you have someone around who can help you out.

It’ll be safer to have someone there to steady the ladder for you. Also, you’ll have someone to help you if you do have an accident and fall.

Always err on the side of caution even when you’re experienced. It’ll help you to avoid mishaps and you’ll be able to get consistent results.

How Much Fruit Can You Expect to Get From Peach Trees?

Another important question that people ask is how much fruit can be expected from peach trees? The answer depends on the type of peach tree that you decide to plant in your yard.

A standard peach tree is capable of producing between one hundred and one hundred and fifty pounds of fruit in just one year. A dwarf peach tree will only produce between fifty and sixty pounds of peaches in a year.

For an average person or a small household, a dwarf peach tree is going to produce more than enough viable peaches. Of course, you’ll need to care for the tree properly and have it treated to ensure that the peaches are good and safe to eat.

Final Thoughts

You now know how big peach trees can get. The standard type can grow as tall as twenty-five feet while dwarf peach trees can grow to six feet tall.

Peach trees can grow out to be just as wide as they are tall. If you want to keep things in check, then you’re going to have to prune it regularly.

With pruning, you can keep a standard peach tree between twelve and fifteen feet tall. Things will be more manageable if you decide to do that.

Always be careful when pruning peach trees so that you don’t have any accidents. It’s best to do this when someone else is home to help you out.

You can also hire people to do the job, but this might cost more money than you will want to pay. Just make the right decision based on your budget and how much time you have to do maintenance jobs such as this.

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