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The Surprising Growth Rate of Lilac Bushes (You Won’t Believe How Fast!)

The Surprising Growth Rate of Lilac Bushes (You Won’t Believe How Fast!)

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Lilac bushes have become very popular for a good reason. They’re absolutely beautiful and they’re also quite fragrant.

If you’re looking for a good bush to add to your yard, then this one is definitely worth looking into. Perhaps you’ve even recently planted a lilac bush in your garden.

You might be wondering how fast lilac bushes are supposed to grow so that you can know what to expect. Are these shrubs fast-growing plants or do they grow slowly?

Keep reading to learn about the growth rate of lilac bushes. You’ll also get some tips for how to make your lilac bush grow faster so that you can get the best results.

Lilac Bushes Are Fast-Growing

White And Purple Lilac Bush

All lilac bushes are generally considered to be fast-growing shrubs. If you’re hoping that your lilac bush will grow a lot each year, then you likely won’t be disappointed.

A lilac bush will typically grow between six and eight inches in a year. The common lilac might grow even faster than that since it’s said to grow between 12 and 18 inches in a year.

Either way, the lilac bush that you planted is likely going to grow quite fast. However, it should be noted that there are many different types of lilac bushes out there and that you can expect different growth rates depending on what type of bush you’re dealing with.

You can find hundreds of different hybrid lilac bushes. Some of them will even grow as tall as 15 feet, but others will be a fair bit shorter.

With hundreds of varieties of lilac bushes to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect one to suit your property. Just know that growth rates can differ a bit depending on the variety that you choose.

Ensure That the Lilac Bush Gets Enough Sunlight

Lilac In The Sun

Ensuring that the lilac bush gets enough sunlight will make a difference when it comes to the growth rate. A lilac bush that isn’t getting enough sunlight will have a tough time growing optimally.

Lilac bushes like sunny areas, and they’re going to do best if they’re planted in a spot that gets lots of sun. If you plant a lilac bush in the shade, it’s still going to grow, though.

The problem you’ll encounter will be that the lilac bush won’t grow as much as it could. If you plant a lilac bush in a better spot, then it’ll grow a lot more each year.

Before you plant a lilac bush in your yard, it’s going to be best to consider the spot carefully. Try to make sure that the spot that you choose is quite sunny and you’ll be able to expect great results.

Ensure That You Plant the Lilac Bush in Good Soil

The soil that you plant the lilac bush in can make a difference, too. Lilac bushes actually aren’t very picky about soil, and they’ll likely be able to grow okay in whatever soil you happen to have.

However, you can use the best soil possible to encourage optimal growth. Try to keep the pH balance of the soil between 6.0 and 7.0 to get the best results.

It’s also going to be wise to plant the lilac bush in nutrient-rich soil that drains really well. This will ensure that your lilac bush is able to do what it needs to do to keep growing at a fast rate.

You can make changes to your soil to make it perfect for a lilac bush. It should be worthwhile to do so when you’re trying to make your lilac bush as big and beautiful as it can possibly be.

Water the Lilac Bush Properly

Large Lilac Bush

Watering the lilac bush properly is imperative when you’re trying to grow a healthy plant. The lilac bush won’t do as well as it should if your watering habits aren’t good.

Generally, you’re supposed to water lilac bushes every 10 to 14 days. You want to water lilac bushes deeply, but you don’t want to water them too frequently.

As mentioned above, lilac bushes do best when they’re planted in soil that drains well. This will keep you from watering the plant too much since it’ll be easier for the lilac bush to dry out.

Lilac bushes won’t even bloom properly if they’re being watered too much. This is why it’s so important to get the watering process right when you’re caring for lilac bushes.

Fertilizer Helps

Fertilizing Seedling

It might not come as a surprise to hear that fertilizer can help lilac bushes to grow faster. If you wish to help things along, then you should consider giving the lilac bush some fertilizer in the early spring.

Some people will also give lilac bushes fertilizer in October. The fertilizer should make it possible for your lilac bush to grow just a bit faster, but you don’t want to go overboard.

Using too much fertilizer can harm plants, and you need to stick to using the recommended amounts. So long as you’re being careful, fertilizer will be a very helpful tool in your quest to make your lilac bush grow quickly.

The best type of fertilizer to use will be one that has a high phosphorus content. You could also use bonemeal to get excellent results.

Spread the fertilizer into the soil around your lilac bush and then rake it into the top two inches of the soil. It should get it where it needs to go and you’ll be able to expect the plant to grow a bit faster.

Final Thoughts

Lilac bushes grow pretty fast, and some varieties of lilac bushes will grow faster than others. No matter what, you can expect a lilac bush to be a fast-growing type of shrub.

You can make your lilac bush grow faster by ensuring that it has enough sunlight and that it’s planted in good soil. Watering the lilac bush properly without watering it too much is also crucial.

Giving the lilac bush fertilizer in the spring can help to give it a boost as well. If you follow this advice, then you should be able to see your lilac bush grow at a rapid rate each year.

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