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How Long Do African Violets Live? (4 Tips to Increase Lifespan)

How Long Do African Violets Live? (4 Tips to Increase Lifespan)

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Did you recently buy African violets for your home? These plants are truly gorgeous and it makes sense that you’d be drawn to them.

They’re pretty, but you might not know that much about them yet. If you’ve never cared for African violets before there is much that you should know about them.

For example, you’ll want to know how long they live on average. Can you expect them to live for a long time with proper care?

Continue reading to learn about African violet lifespans. You’ll also get information about their care that will help you to get these plants to live for as long as possible.

African Violet Lifespan

You’ll be happy to hear that African violets don’t have a limit on how long they can survive. It’s possible for them to live indefinitely so long as they receive the proper care.

It’s common for African violets to live fifty years or longer. Of course, this will only happen if the plant is kept in the right environment, watered properly, and receives the appropriate amount of sunlight.

Things can go wrong that will cause African violets to die faster than fifty years. For example, you could kill the plant by not watering it the right way.

So you need to focus on giving the plant great care to keep it alive for a long time. If you get used to caring for these plants, it’ll be simple to keep them alive for decades.

You can buy African violets without spending much money at all. Then you can enjoy the plant for many decades by putting in the normal amount of effort to care for a houseplant.

This is just one of the reasons why African violets have become so popular. You’ll have a good time with these plants if you choose to buy some.

How Can You Get African Violets to Live as Long as Possible?

Getting African violets to live as long as possible is about caring for them well. So long as you provide these plants with the right care it’ll be easy to keep them alive.

It’s best to watch out for certain pitfalls that will cause some plant owners to kill their African violets. Below, you’ll get some information about what you need to avoid doing when you want the plant to thrive.

1 – Don’t Overwater the Plant

Overwatering the plant is extremely dangerous. When you water African violets too much it can cause them to experience so many issues.

These plants need to dry out between watering sessions. When you don’t allow the soil to dry out it’ll make it hard for the plant to live.

Continually watering the plant too much will lead to root rot. This will eventually kill the plant and there isn’t much you can do about that.

To protect your plant, you simply need to practice safe watering techniques. Be sure to check the soil in the pot before you water the plant each time.

Touch the soil with your fingers and see if it is dry or not. When the soil is dry, it’s time to water the plant.

You’re meant to water the plant from the bottom for safety purposes. Getting the foliage wet is potentially harmful to the plant.

Most people choose to place the pot in water and allow the plant to soak up the water from the bottom. You can let the plant sit in water for no longer than thirty minutes.

It’s also possible to water the plant from the base. Doing so will require a watering can that has a long and thin spout so you can get the water where it needs to go safely.

2 – Give the Plant Enough Sunlight

You’ll find that African violets won’t do well if they don’t receive much sunlight. So you should be careful to keep the plant in a good spot.

These plants require bright sunlight, but they can’t handle direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves and this isn’t what you want.

Place your African violet in a spot where it can receive bright indirect sunlight. This will allow the plant to thrive and you’ll notice that it will look as healthy as possible.

African violets need a lot of light so they will have the energy to bloom. You want your flowering plant to look as pretty as possible, and this is why giving it enough sunlight is imperative.

3 – Get the Temperature Right

You want to get the temperature right when you’re caring for African violets, too. Sadly, African violets can die when exposed to very cold temperatures.

They can be kept outdoors, but only if you live in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. As houseplants, it’s easier to give them the temperatures that they need.

African violets do best in temperatures that range from 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Your plant will do well in this temperature range all year.

So long as you keep your plant away from drafty windows and vents you should see it continue to do well indoors. Simply ensure that you’re keeping your home heated normally and all will be fine.

4 – Watch Out for Pests

Pests can potentially kill African violets as well. There are certain insects that you should watch out for.

Mealybugs, thrips, and mites are known to bother these plants. You can prevent problems with pests by clipping off dried blooms and ensuring that the plant has good air circulation.

It’s also best to dust the plant often since dust has been known to attract mites. Keep your plant clean and it’ll be much safer overall.

The leaves can be safely cleaned using a soft-bristled brush and gently removing dust and debris. It doesn’t take long to clean the leaves and it’ll be easy enough to stay on top of things.

Final Thoughts

African violets are great plants to own because they’re so pretty. You can expect them to live for decades if you care for them well.

It’s normal for African violets to live for fifty years or longer in homes. You can keep them alive indefinitely so long as you’re meeting the care needs of the plant.

So you just need to follow the advice above to continue to get good results. Avoid watering the plant too much because this has the potential to kill it.

Give the plant enough sunlight so it can grow and remain strong. Watch out for issues with pests that can pop up when you don’t clip off spent blooms.

Avoid exposing the plant to temperatures that are too cold. If you look out for the plant, it’ll be easy enough to keep it alive and looking great.

These plants are popular for a reason. They’re fairly simple to care for and only require basic houseplant care to stay looking fantastic.

Don’t hesitate to buy African violets for your home. They will look great and you’ll enjoy them for such a long time that you might even pass them down to your kids.

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