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Philodendrons: The Houseplant That Keeps on Giving – Check Out Their Impressive Lifespan

Philodendrons: The Houseplant That Keeps on Giving – Check Out Their Impressive Lifespan

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Philodendrons are rather popular houseplants that many people love. They need more space than most houseplants, but they’re still great additions to your home.

Many love them because of how lush and green they are. They add aesthetic appeal to any room that you place them in.

If you’re new to caring for philodendrons, you might be curious how long they live. Do these plants live for a long time or should you expect them to only live for a year or so?

Keep reading to learn about the average lifespan of philodendrons. You’ll also get tips on how to keep these plants alive for as long as possible.

Philodendrons Can Live for a Long Time

It’s common for philodendrons to live for a long time as houseplants. When you’re caring for these plants in your home, they should live for decades if you give them the right care.

Philodendrons regularly live for twenty years or longer as houseplants. They can certainly die sooner than this if you make many mistakes, but they’re hardy enough that they can thrive in your home without a ton of effort.

Of course, there are some minor differences based on the variety of philodendron that you’re talking about. There are many different types of philodendrons on the market, and some of them might have shorter or longer lifespans.

Since many philodendron types are relatively new, there isn’t as much information about them. You can look up specific lifespan information based on the species of the plant that you bought.

Generally, philodendrons are plants that live for a long time. If you buy any type of philodendron, you can expect that it will live for a long time so long as its care needs are met.

How Can You Extend the Lifespan of a Philodendron?

Philodendrons don’t have a set amount of time that they’re supposed to live. It isn’t as if there’s a clock ticking down and your philodendron will die as soon as it turns twenty.

Keeping philodendrons alive is simply about meeting their care needs. For these plants to remain healthy, they need to be kept in appropriate environments.

The environmental factors must be right for the plant to continue to live. Also, the plant is going to need the right care for it to continue to thrive.

So if you want the plant to live for as long as possible, it’s simply about putting in some effort. In nature, there are some philodendrons that are known to live for a hundred years or more.

It all comes down to whether the plant has what it needs. Below, you’ll learn about some of the factors that you need to pay attention to.

1 – Water the Plant Carefully

The way that you water the plant is important. You don’t want to water the plant too much because it can lead to problems with root rot.

Often, people make the mistake of watering philodendrons more than necessary. This is an easy way to kill the plant because you can essentially drown it.

You’re only supposed to water philodendrons when the top inch of soil is dry. It’s best to check the soil to see if it’s time to water the plant.

Not watering often enough can be bad so you should check the plant weekly. Water at the base of the plant and ensure that the soil drains properly.

2 – Pay Attention to the Temperature

These plants are native to tropical environments. That means that they don’t tolerate cold temperatures very well.

This is why philodendrons are kept as houseplants in most places. If you live in the northern portions of the United States, it’s likely that it’s too cool to keep these plants outdoors.

You aren’t supposed to expose philodendrons to temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature fluctuations are known to stress these plants, too.

When keeping philodendrons as houseplants, find a spot in your home with a steady temperature that is warm enough for these plants. Keep them away from drafty windows, heating vents, air conditioners, and other spots where the temperature might fluctuate.

3 – Give the Plant Partial Sunlight

Philodendrons grow best when exposed to partial sunlight. Full sunlight might be a bit too harsh and will often scorch the leaves.

Putting the plant in a location where it can receive partial sunlight works far better. These plants need sunlight to grow strong and stay healthy, but you need to protect them from harsh sunlight.

Indirect sunlight will work out just fine. It shouldn’t be hard to find an ideal location in your home that will be great for these plants.

4 – Repot the Plant When Necessary

Every so often, you’re going to need to repot the plant. Typically, philodendrons are going to need to be put in new pots every two or three years.

The growth rate of philodendrons will vary based on the species, though. You should check to see if the plant needs a new pot every few years.

If you just keep a philodendron in the same pot, the plant will eventually die. The quality of the soil is going to degrade over time, and the pot won’t be big enough to accommodate your growing plant.

When choosing a new pot, it’s best to go just one size up. Be sure to pick soil that drains really well to make watering the plant easier, too.

5 – Fertilizer Helps

It’s wise to give philodendrons fertilizer sometimes. Fertilizers can help these plants to stay healthy if you use them properly.

Generally, liquid houseplant fertilizer works best for these plants. Go with a standard 20-20-20 fertilizer that will give the plant exactly what it needs.

These plants should be given fertilizer once per month during the spring and summer. Don’t fertilize the plants as often during the autumn and winter.

During the autumn and winter, it’s better to fertilize the plants every six to eight weeks. Stick to this schedule and you can help your plant to thrive in your home.

Final Thoughts

You should have an easy time getting a philodendron to live for a long time in your home. These plants can easily live for twenty years or longer when you care for them right.

Follow the advice above and it won’t be difficult at all. So long as you do your part to care for the plant, you’ll be enjoying your new philodendron for years to come.

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