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5 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Monstera Leaves Gleaming (Without Hurting Them!)

5 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Monstera Leaves Gleaming (Without Hurting Them!)

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Monsteras are gorgeous plants that come in all sizes. Just like any surface at your home, their leaves can collect dust. So, how do you clean Monstera leaves properly?

You can use many methods to clean your Monstera leaves, like dunking in water, showering, or wiping. It all depends on the size of the plant.

This way, you ensure that your beloved plant stays healthy and beautiful.

Stick around to learn everything about cleaning your Monstera leaves properly.

How To Clean Monstera Leaves

Monstera plants have gorgeous, shiny dark green foliage. To keep them clean and healthy, you should take care of them regularly.

In general, people use several ways and many products to help them clean Monsteras. Luckily, all the methods are equally as effective and easy to do.

Remember, though, the best time for cleaning Monstera leaves is early in the morning. Doing so allows them to dry before nighttime and prevents any fungal growth.

All you need to do is determine the size of your Monstera and choose your preferred cleaning method. Take a look at five of them.

Method #1: Dunking (For Small Monstera Plants)

Small Monstera plants are quick and easy to maintain as they’re movable. Plus, this method is effective because it guarantees no excess moisture gets to the soil.

Here’s how to clean your small Monstera leaves using the dunking method.

  1. Prepare a large container
  2. Fill it with water
  3. Pick up your plant with one hand and secure it by putting your other hand over the soil
  4. Alternatively, you can use a towel or plastic wrap to keep the plant in place
  5. Turn the pot over and dunk the leaves into the water container
  6. Wiggle the leaves inside the water gently to remove any dust or build-ups of grime
  7. Remove the plant from the water after a few minutes
  8. Leave aside to dry

Method #2: Showering (For Medium Monstera Plants)

When it comes to medium-sized Monsteras, they’re usually easy to pick up. However, turning them upside down is challenging.

Therefore, you can use the showering method for cleaning medium Monstera leaves instead of dunking.

Before attempting this method, ensure that your Monstera pot has excellent drainage. Otherwise, the extra water can build up down your plant’s roots and cause damage.

Additionally, make sure to adjust the water temperature and pressure so as not to send your plant into shock.

So, here’s what you need to do to shower your medium Monstera.

  1. Pick up your Monstera plant and place it in the shower
  2. Adjust the shower head to low-pressure lukewarm water
  3. Shower your Monstera leaves thoroughly for several minutes (you can also direct the shower head to the wall and let the indirect water stream shower the plant)
  4. Turn off the water and leave your Monstera in the shower cabin to drain excess moisture
  5. Adjust your watering schedule accordingly (since this method results in adding extra water to the soil)

Method #3: Wiping Down (For Large Monstera Plants)

Large Monstera plants are often too heavy to move. Thus, you have to use the manual method and wipe down each leaf by hand.

Although this practice can be time-consuming, it’s the most effective way to clean Monstera leaves. It’s also a gentle approach that doesn’t cause any damage.

Here are the steps for cleaning large Monstera leaves.

(Remember, you can always use a spray bottle instead of a water container).

  1. Bring a small container
  2. Fill it with lukewarm water
  3. Dip a microfiber cloth into the water or use microfiber gloves
  4. Wring it well to get rid of excess water
  5. Start at the top of the plant
  6. Support the leaf by putting your hand beneath it
  7. Gently wipe down each leaf and avoid vigorous scrubbing
  8. Rinse the microfiber cloth now and then to avoid passing on dust from one leaf to the other
  9. Inspect the plant closely while cleaning it to make sure there are no pests

Method #4: Using a Soft Brush

Brushing the dust off your Monstera leaves is an effective way to clean them, especially when they’re not that dirty.

Just make sure to use a soft-bristled brush so as not to scratch the leaves or leave marks on them.

Additionally, always start at the highest point to avoid scattering dust all over the rest of the leaves.

Method #5: Using an Air Compressor

Although unusual, this way is excellent for cleaning Monstera leaves without excessive moisture.

So, as a dry cleaning method, you can use compressed air to blow the dust particles off the plant. At the same time, this way is gentle and doesn’t cause damage to the plant.

That said, be careful when using the compressor can, and don’t hold it any closer than ten centimeters away from the plant.

Is Plain Water Enough for Cleaning Monstera Leaves

Usually, using plain water to clean your Monstera leaves is just fine. However, sometimes you may notice the leaves still aren’t as shiny as they should be, even after cleaning.

In this case, adding a couple of drops of dish soap to the cleaning water is the way to go. That’s especially if your Monstera is in areas where there’s more than just dust, like the kitchen.

Having said that, the chemicals in tap water might not be the best thing for your Monstera plant. Therefore, you should consider using filtered water.

What’s the Perfect Water Temperature for Cleaning Monstera Leaves?

Usually, experts recommend using tepid water to clean Monstera leaves, regardless of the method used.

Tepid is slightly warmer than room temperature (about 15° warmer), ranging between 72 and 78° F.

Tropical plants, like Monsteras, aren’t accustomed to extreme temperature changes. That’s why you should avoid shocking them with water that’s too hot or too cold.

How To Make Monstera Leaves Shiny

You must’ve encountered products in the gardening section claiming to shine Monstera leaves.

Moreover, there are several DIY methods advertised online for that purpose, such as using mayonnaise, banana peels, etc.)

Yes, these methods can make your Monstera leaves glossy. However, their effect is momentary, and they cause more harm than good.

Unfortunately, using any oily substance blocks the plant’s pores that it uses to breathe. Furthermore, these oils end up becoming sticky and attracting even more dust to the leaves.

In general, Monstera leaves are naturally shiny, so they don’t require using any chemical products.

Why Should You Clean Monstera Leaves?

Monsteras are tropical plants, also known as “Swiss Cheese plants.” Just like all other plants, they use their leaves for photosynthesis.

However, there’s more to their foliage than just turning sunlight into energy. Naturally, Monsteras thrive in humidity and use their leaves to absorb the surrounding moisture.

In fact, these plants absorb more moisture through their leaves than they do through their roots. That’s why it’s critical to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust over their leaves.

Not only do dust particles block sunlight, but they also obstruct moisture absorption. Therefore, whenever you notice the leaves getting dusty and dull, it’s time to give them a good clean.

How Often Should You Clean Monstera Leaves?

Monsteras are prone to collecting dust, especially the large types. Thus, you should include them in your regular cleaning schedule.

That said, how often to clean your Monstera plant depends on many factors, such as where you live, what season it is, and how exposed to dust your house is.

As mentioned before, obstructed photosynthesis can cause the plant to grow much slower than usual.

Generally, experts recommend cleaning Monstera plants once every two to four weeks for optimal growth conditions. This works when wiping the leaves down with a wet cloth.

As for showering, doing so every three to four months should suffice. Having said that, dusting the plant during your weekly clean-ups helps always keeping them lush and glossy.

Can You Wipe Monstera Leaves With Olive Oil?

As mentioned before, heavy oils may clog the pores of the Monstera leaves, causing damage.

On the other hand, many Monstera enthusiasts swear by using diluted olive oil to clean the leaves. The recommended ratio is two tablespoons of olive oil for every quarter gallon of water.

All you need to do is pour the mixture into a spray bottle and mist the Monstera leaves. Alternatively, you can dip a clean cloth into the mixture and wipe the leaves using it.

Can You Wipe Monstera Leaves With Vinegar?

Sometimes you need a natural cleaning solution that’s perfect and safe for your houseplants. Fortunately, vinegar is always widely available, and it’s the answer to most DIY cleaning hacks.

Just mix a tablespoon of vinegar into a small water container and use the mixture to clean your Monstera leaves.

All you need to do is dunk a clean cloth into the solution, wring the excess water out, and use it to wipe the top and bottom of each leaf.

Can You Use Baby Wipes To Clean Monstera Leaves?

Since it can be hard and tiring to keep Monstera leaves clean, especially larger ones, people are constantly looking for easier ways to do it.

One of these ways is using baby wipes. Unlike other types, alcohol-free baby wipes don’t contain harsh chemicals and are gentle on the plant.

Final Thoughts

Having houseplants requires constant care, especially if you have large Monsteras. These huge leaves are dust magnets. That’s why you need to learn how to clean Monstera leaves.

While some think wiping the leaves is enough, others prefer dunking or showering the whole plant.

Whatever method you choose, you should know that it’s essential to clean your Monstera plant to ensure healthy growth.

This way you get to enjoy the gorgeous look of your shiny plant with its deep green attractive foliage.

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