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Is Your Hoya Looking Sparse? Here’s How to Make It Bushier

Is Your Hoya Looking Sparse? Here’s How to Make It Bushier

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Hoya plants look very nice, and that’s why many people keep them as houseplants. They’re common sights in living rooms and kitchens.

People also like putting them in hanging planters and placing them somewhere on enclosed patios. They can be excellent plants to own overall.

You might find yourself thinking that your hoyas look a bit sparse, though. Perhaps you wish that your hoya plant looked nice and bushy.

Is there a good way to make a hoya plant bushier? Read on to learn about how to make hoyas bushier.

Try Fertilizing the Soil

Fertilizing the soil can be very helpful when it comes to making hoyas bushier. It should make a huge difference if you do it right.

It’s important to be careful when using fertilizer, though. Using too much fertilizer has the potential to be detrimental to the plant.

Also, you aren’t supposed to give these plants fertilizer during certain times of the year. Start giving the plant fertilizer in the spring and stop once autumn begins.

The fertilizer does a great job of encouraging the foliage to grow. If you use it properly, it should help the plant to look rather bushy.

You can fertilize these plants once or twice per month. Twice per month might be pushing it, though.

To stay safe, many people recommend sticking to fertilizing the plant once per month. Use a well-balanced liquid fertilizer that’s meant for houseplants.


Propagation is another method for making hoya plants look bushier. This might sound odd at first, but it’s actually a rather simple way to get good results.

You can take cuttings from the plant and then root them in the soil. Cutting a healthy stem that has at least one node will allow you to get good results.

These cuttings can be propagated in soil or water. Try to make sure that the cutting has two leaves in addition to having one node.

You can root the cuttings right in the pot with the mother plant. The cuttings will begin to grow and they can help the plant to have a bushier look.

This isn’t that hard to do either. Simply take good cuttings and this process will be rather easy.

In some ways, this is even easier than fertilizing the plant. It’s highly recommended to do this when you want to make the hoya plant appear lush and bushy.

Some Hoyas Are Bushier Than Others

It should be noted that not all types of hoyas are bushy in nature. Some of them will be “fuller” while others might have a bit of a thin appearance.

If you like the full look, it’s best to choose specific types of hoyas. This will allow you to enjoy hoyas that look how you want them to.

Some of the best hoyas that are known for being bushy are hoya multiflora and hoya praetorii. There are others as well, but it’s best to research your options.

When you find hoyas at the garden center, it might be wise to look up information about the species. This will allow you to understand the type of plant that you’re buying.

This will allow you to pick plants based on your specific desires. There are more than a hundred different types of hoyas out there.

Knowing more about the kind that you’re looking at will be helpful. Remember that not all hoyas are the same.

Some hoyas don’t even flower. Others might only flower once they’ve reached a certain level of maturity.

Then there are hoyas that can flower in the first year. So you benefit from knowing what you’re getting into.

Hoyas Can Be a Bit Tricky

Taking care of these plants optimally will help to keep them looking nice, too. They won’t grow properly or look healthy if you don’t meet their basic care needs.

Although there are different types of hoyas, most of them have similar care requirements. They’re tropical plants that don’t like being exposed to cold temperatures.

You can’t keep them outdoors unless you live in USDA hardiness zones nine through eleven. Other zones are just too cool for these plants to survive.

They’re very picky when it comes to sunlight and water as well. You need to be careful when watering the plants so that you don’t go overboard.

It’s easy to water these plants too much if you’re not careful. Hoyas can die if you water them a lot and cause them to experience root rot.

They still need enough water to survive, though. So you have to pay attention to the soil and water it when it starts to dry out.

Sunlight is important for these plants, too. They need bright or medium sunlight to grow strong and remain healthy.

Direct sunlight is too harsh for these plants. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause scorching and the plant won’t look good at all.

Even so, you must give the plant enough sunlight. It won’t grow well or look bushy if you keep it in a low-light environment.

Just do your best to care for these plants to give them a shot at growing well. Good care along with fertilizer should make the plant much bushier, and it’ll be simpler to keep it looking nice.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what steps you can take to make your hoya plant look bushier. The basic things that you need to do to care for the plant will help.

You must be sure to meet the water requirements and light requirements or the plant won’t grow well. It’s hard for plants to look healthy when they aren’t getting enough water or sunlight.

It’s also important to plant them in the right type of soil. Many people say that orchid potting mix is the best for these plants.

Consider giving the hoyas some fertilizer to make them look bushier. You can give these plants fertilizer once or twice per month from the beginning of spring until the start of autumn.

Propagating the plant is another method to make hoyas bushier. You can root cuttings in the soil right by the mother plant.

So long as you take this advice to heart, it’ll be easy to keep your plant looking amazing. You’ll be able to enjoy a bushy and gorgeous hoya plant for a long time to come.

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