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Is Your Pothos Not Growing? (Here’s What to Do)

Is Your Pothos Not Growing? (Here’s What to Do)

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One of the great things about the Pothos plant is that it is hardy and can survive even when you don’t give it the attention it needs. However, it does need everything that other plants need, including water, sunlight, nutrition, and air circulation.

There are a number of factors that can cause your Pothos not to grow. Continue reading to learn what can cause it, how you can fix it, and the best way to prevent it.

What Can Cause Your Pothos Not to Grow

The Pothos is a leafy vine that grows up to 40 feet in tropical jungles, but indoors, it will stay between six and 10 feet. It has bright waxy leaves that are shaped like a heart, and they can be variegated in white, pale green, or yellow. It is commonly grown in a hanging basket or in a pot.

Pothos is very easy to care for, but there are factors that can cause it not to grow. For example, if you water it too much, it can suffer from root rot and stop growing. If you don’t give it enough water, the leaves can wilt and it might stop growing.

This plant can grow in water or soil, but if you try to switch, it can have trouble making the adjustment. This is another situation where your Pothos might not grow.

Pothos also needs sunlight, and it is tolerant of different light situations. If you have your Pothos in direct sunlight, it can get too much light and stop growing. On the other hand, if Pothos doesn’t get enough light, it will survive but it will stop growing.

Another thing that can cause the Pothos to stop growing is temperatures that are too cold. It can damage the leaves and cause them to go limp. Eventually they will shrivel up and die.

Your Pothos also might not grow when it is lacking nutrition. Pothos relies on nitrogen and potassium for growth, and it will not grow without them.

Finally, if the Pothos has pests, it can also stop growing. Pothos can attract mites, Scale, or Thrips. Any of these factors can cause your Pothos not to grow.

How Can You Make Your Pothos Grow Again?

If you find that your Pothos is not growing, you need to address whatever is causing it not to grow. Fortunately, there are ways to fix most of these situations.

If your problem is too much water, the first thing to do is let the soil dry out. You need to check the roots to see if the Pothos has suffered from root rot.

It is important to determine the extent of the rot because root rot cuts off the oxygen from the plant, and then it can die. If the root rot is extreme, you can propagate the plant to start growing a new one.

If you have underwatered your Pothos and find that it is wilting, you can get it to grow again by watering it. Make sure that you add the water it needs, but do not overwater it.

If you find that your Pothos is not growing due to too little light, you can easily move it to another spot where it has partial sunlight. Pothos grows well in shade with indirect sunlight.

If your Pothos has received too much sunlight, you need to move it to the shade. If it has dead or wilted leaves, you can trim them off.

If your plant has suffered sunburn, you should reduce how much you water and feed it. Wait until you see new growth to increase the food and water again.

When you find that your Pothos has suffered freezing temperatures, there are several different things you can do to fix it. You should actually leave the leaves on the plant until the growing season returns. Once the spring comes, you can use pruning shears to cut free the dead leaves.

If your Pothos is suffering from pests, you can take a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to kill the pests. If you let it get out of hand, you may need to take it outdoors or put it in your bathtub and spray it with a horticultural oil spray.

How to Prevent Your Pothos From Stunted Growth

The best way to prevent your Pothos from suffering stunted growth is to take care of it properly from the beginning.

It is important to understand what your plant needs so that you will be able to enjoy it. The Pothos is hardy and will do well in your home as long as you pay attention.

One of the most important things you need to know is how to water your Pothos. There are two ways to water your Pothos.

First, you can water from the bottom. You will place your Pothos in water until it is saturated. Then, you can remove it. This ensures that you do not overwater your Pothos.

If you want to water from the top, you will pour the water over the soil. You need to make sure that the water can drain. Make sure that you don’t put water on the leaves, but water all around the plant. Just make sure that the water can drain.

How frequently you water your plant depends on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and light. If the temperatures are low or the humidity is high, you need to reduce your watering frequency.

The simple way to water your Pothos is to water it when the soil is dried up. You want it dry for at least half of its depth, and then it will be ready to water again.

You should keep your Pothos in indirect sunlight. You don’t want to put it in direct sunlight, and if it is out of the sun altogether, it will not grow. It does best in indirect sunlight inside your home.

Pothos needs nitrogen and potassium, and you can feed it a fertilizer. You should feed it a well-balanced fertilizer every two to three months.

If you take care of your Pothos, you can keep it growing and healthy.

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