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The Best Places to Keep a ZZ Plant (7 Indoor and Outdoor Spaces)

The Best Places to Keep a ZZ Plant (7 Indoor and Outdoor Spaces)

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Growing a trendy and tropical Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant, in or out of your home takes a little bit of maintenance but brings a lot of valuable benefits. It beautifies any space, boosts air purity, and lifts the mood of anyone who sees its bright and beautiful foliage.

If you’re looking to grow this magnificent and drought-tolerant houseplant in your home or office but aren’t quite sure where to put it, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll walk you through seven of the best places to keep a ZZ plant, where it can happily thrive for decades.

1 – Near the Kitchen Window

A ZZ plant will make fabulous tabletop decor for your kitchen, but you can also hang it up if you don’t want it to take up valuable counter space. Place your plant near a north, west, or east-facing window so that it gets enough bright indirect light.

If your windows are south facing, position your ZZ plant far enough so that hot and direct sunlight won’t reach it, and add drapes or sheer curtains on the window. Your plant can also be an eye-catching centerpiece for your dining table, along with a decorative pot.

2 – Bedroom Side Table

ZZ plants in your bedroom aren’t just for decoration, they make your space relaxing and refreshing, resulting in lower stress levels and much better sleep. While you rest, they clear the air and make it safe to breathe by removing traces of harmful toxins.

Place your ZZ plant elegantly on your bedside table near the window and away from air conditioners and heating vents. Do the finger test to find out if the soil is completely dry and your plant needs watering.

3 – Bathroom or Hallway

What better way to brighten up your bathroom than with a ZZ plant? It doesn’t mind fluorescent lighting, but if you have an east-facing window, hanging your plant nearby would be even better.

One thing to consider is your bathroom temperature and humidity, especially in the winter, as ZZ plants prefer temperatures of 65–75°F and average humidity levels between 40–50%. If your bathroom doesn’t fit these requirements, the hallway to the bathroom might be a better spot.

4 – Office or Workspace Desk

Did you know that offices, workspaces, and study areas with houseplants make people happier and more productive while working? Try putting your ZZ plant on your desk and see for yourself!

The best part is that ZZ plants thrive even in low-light areas, including windowless offices and industrial buildings with only fluorescent lights. Additionally, these plants won’t mind if you miss watering them during a long weekend.

5 – Living Room Corner

Adding a ZZ plant to your living room shelves or on a plant stand on the floor is a wonderful way to bring in some natural greenery. White or light-painted walls will highlight your plant’s lush leaves to the fullest, so try hanging it up against the wall in a corner.

If your ZZ plant is small, you can also use it to decorate your living room fireplace or mantlepiece. See to it that your plant enjoys a comfortable temperature between 65–75°F.

6 – Shady Balcony or Front Porch

ZZ plants will sit happily on a shady balcony or front porch, whether you put them in decorative pots or hanging containers. They’ll liven up your space and add a refreshing touch while simultaneously cleaning the air coming into your home.

Be careful not to scorch your plant’s leaves with direct sunlight, though. If you notice the plant’s leaves curling, turning brown, or dropping off, it may be receiving too much sun exposure, so consider moving it to a shadier spot.

7 – Backyard Garden or Patio

The bright and colorful flowers in your backyard garden will look great alongside the vivid and glossy leaves of the ZZ plant. It’s possible to transfer your plant in and out of the house, but make sure you do it gradually to give your plant enough time to adjust.

To successfully grow your ZZ plant outside, position its container on a shady spot in your garden or patio, where it’ll receive a sufficient amount of indirect light. This is only advisable during the warmer months, like the summertime, for your plant to get some extra sunshine.

ZZ plants do well outdoors in places with very mild winters, including areas between USDA zones 9 and 10. Your plant will survive as long as temperatures don’t drop below 45°F (around 7.2°C), and you’ll have to bring it back indoors if temperatures dip lower than that.

Final Thoughts

ZZ plants add natural elegance and a refreshing vibe to any part of your home or office. Finding the best places to keep a ZZ plant isn’t much of a challenge, as these low-maintenance plants can flourish and live their best lives almost anywhere, with minimal care necessary.

Whether it’s your office, kitchen, or backyard, a ZZ plant is capable of thriving as long as you provide it with sufficient light, well-draining soil, and a fair amount of watering. Happy gardening!

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