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8 Great Companions to Plant with Your Begonias

8 Great Companions to Plant with Your Begonias

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Begonias are incredibly common plants because of how versatile and visually appealing they are. You can find begonia flowers and leaves that are various different colors.

It makes it easy to enjoy these plants no matter what type of color scheme you’re trying to go for in your yard. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find begonias that will look stunning in your yard.

If you plan to make them the centerpiece of your garden, then you might be wondering what other plants would go well with them. What can you plant with begonias when you want to make your yard as beautiful as possible?

Read on to learn about several plants that you can grow with begonias. All of these options should be compatible with them aesthetically while also being very practical to care for alongside them.

1 – Impatiens

Pink Impatiens

Impatiens might be a good choice when you’re looking for something else that can add color to your yard. These are small flowers that come in a variety of different colors.

It’s easy to find colors that will complement the begonias in your yard. You can find impatiens that have red, white, yellow, violet, coral, and purple flowers.

You’ll also like that impatiens and begonias are compatible in terms of the type of soil that they require. They both thrive in moist soil that has excellent drainage.

2 – Torenia


Torenia flowers can be another fine choice when you’re looking for an interesting plant to go with begonias. These are also sometimes referred to as wishbone flowers.

These flowers will be great additions to your landscape and they truly do add a lot of aesthetic appeal to any yard. Torenias can produce pink, blue, or white flowers, and the flowers are known for having yellow markings.

It’s easy to care for torenia flowers and begonias together. They both need shade and they both require soil that drains well.

3 – Caladium


Caladium plants are probably more commonly known as elephant ear plants. These big and beautiful plants should look great accompanying your begonias.

They work well with begonias because they also require shade and moist soil. There are some really big elephant ear varieties out there that are truly a sight to behold.

You can also find dwarf elephant ear options that will only be around two feet tall at full growth. If you’re looking for something bold and interesting to go along with your begonias, then this is worth checking out.

4 – Coleus


Coleus will be one of the better options to look into when you’re looking for something that’s simple to care for. Not only is it easy to take care of coleus plants, but they’re also easy to propagate.

A coleus will grow just fine in filtered shade alongside begonias. The coleus will be more colorful if it is planted in full sun, though.

Many people love the way that red begonias and coleus plants look together. You can easily place these plants right next to each other and it’ll make your yard look that much more appealing.

5 – Boston Fern

Boston Fern

There’s a chance that you’re familiar with Boston ferns because of how common they are. You most often see these plants being used as houseplants, but they can work outside as well to go with your begonias.

The green fronds of the Boston fern will look nice when planted next to the more colorful begonias. Many people use ferns as nice background plants to go alongside begonias because they help to showcase the color of the begonias.

Much like begonias, Boston ferns will thrive in moist soil that drains really well. If you enjoy the way that Boston ferns look, then this might be a really nice plant to consider putting near your begonias.

6 – Black Mondo Grass

Black Mondo Grass

Are you looking for something that’s a little bit different? Black mondo grass stands out on this list because it’s a plant that has shiny black leaves. The dark look of the plant is quite unlike the other options presented here.

If you want to grow begonias that are darker, then black mondo grass might wind up being a perfect companion plant. You could plant a dark-leaf begonia variety that will look really nice beside black mondo grass.

Depending on what you’re going for, this option might be an inspired choice. You should be able to care for the needs of the black mondo grass along with the begonias without it being a big deal as well.

7 – Silver Nickel Vine

Silver Nickel Vine

Many gardeners choose to grow silver nickel vines as an annual plant. As you might expect by the name, this plant has light silver leaves that really stand out.

Typically, you’ll see silver nickel vine plants being used to provide ground cover. This plant can grow up to four feet long and it looks really intriguing.

Many people who choose to plant silver nickel vine near begonias will gravitate toward planting silver leaf begonias. It’s like silver nickel vine plants were meant to go alongside silver leaf begonias.

8 – Fiber Optic Grass

Fiber Optic Grass Close Up

Fiber optic grass plants have nice green stems and white flower tips. The plant is named the way that it is because of how it looks similar to fiber optic cables.

It can be a good plant to put alongside begonias because both plants have similar care requirements. Fiber optic grass will do well with moist soil and it grows well in partial shade.

This is a charming plant that should look nice next to your begonias. It won’t be hard to care for it, and it’s something that’s likely a lot different than the other plants in your garden.

Final Thoughts

You’ve been given quite a few options to consider. There are quite a few great plants that you could choose to plant with your begonias.

Which of these plants will appeal to you the most will come down to personal preference. You might gravitate toward one or another due to the types of colors that you’re trying to go for.

All of the plants can easily be grown alongside begonias. You’re not going to have a tough time getting any of these to work out for you.

Enjoy your begonias and continue to take care of them. No matter which plants you decide to plant alongside them, you’ll surely have a garden area that you can be proud of.

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