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What to Plant with Calla Lilies (12 Great Companion Plants)

What to Plant with Calla Lilies (12 Great Companion Plants)

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Calla Lilies are stunning plants, but they can leave your flower bed looking bare as they have long stems that do not grow “bushy.” So, you may want to fill out your flower bed some more but are unsure about which plants you can plant with your Calla Lilies.

So, what are your options?

Calla Lilies need companion plants with non-invasive, shallow root systems as they do not like competing for nutrients. There are several great options for you to choose from, including Catmint, Lavender, Hostas, Cosmos, Marigolds, Freesias, Zinnias, Roses, and many more!

What are the considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing a companion plant for your Calla Lilies? We will go through this and more in this article!

What to Look for in a Calla Lily Companion Plant

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are stunning flowers with long and slender stems and unique funnel-shaped blossoms. These plants make a lovely addition to any home or garden as they offer a beautiful splash of color wherever you plant them.

When choosing the companion plants for your Calla Lilies, you need to keep in mind that all the companion plants you use need to have a non-invasive and shallow root system, so they do not interfere with the Calla Lily’s root systems.

The plants need to tolerate moist soil and ample amounts of sunlight. You should also consider other conditions such as the soil type required for the plant, the climate you will be keeping the plant in, and the USDA Hardiness Zone you fall under.

You need to decide where you are planting your Calla Lilies as outdoor plants require different living conditions as indoor plants planted in containers. Different companion plants will fare better in different growing conditions.

For example, if you are growing your Calla Lilies outdoors and have harsh winters, you will need to dig out your Calla Lilies tubers and plant them in containers to over-winter them indoors.

If the companion plant you choose for them has an extensive root system, this could be damaged by the digging and are therefore not suitable as companion plants for your Calla Lilies. Let’s look at indoor Calla Lilies and outdoor Calla Lilies.

Planting Outdoors

When you plant your Calla Lilies outdoors in your garden, there can be some bare soil exposed, which can make your garden look unkempt or incomplete.

To mitigate this issue, you will plant some companion plants in the gaps between your Calla Lilies, ensuring you still leave room for the Liles tubers to develop properly. You need a plant that can survive in the hot, full sun conditions your Calla Lilies will be in.

Planting in Containers

Potted Calla Lilies

When you plant your Calla Lilies in containers to keep them indoors or on your porch, you can plant the Lilies on their own, with no filler or companion plants, as the containers tend to be smaller. This means there is not enough space for the Calla Lilies tubers and another plant’s root system.

When planting them in containers, it is advised that you only plant one or two Calla Lilies in the container with nothing else, but if your container is large, you may be able to get away with adding a different plant into the mix as well.

When you do this, you need to ensure that you use plants that can manage the conditions you keep your Calla Lilies in and that the plants do not compete too much with the Lilies as they do not like competition for nutrients and water.

Companion Plants for Calla Lilies

Once you have chosen where you are planting your Calla Lilies, you can now begin selecting some companion plants for them. When selecting your Calla Liles companions, you should ensure they are smaller and the same size as your Lilies, so your Lilies always receive the correct amount of sun.

When you plant your Lilies with their new companions, ensure you space them out well to allow for air circulation between the plants, as this will help prevent fungal diseases from developing on your Lilies.

Let’s go through which plants are the perfect companion plants for your Calla Lilies.

1 – Catmint


Catmint is a gorgeous plant commonly grown in gardens and is considered an aromatic herb. Catmint is easy to grow and maintain and produces small clusters of lavender-blue flowers in the spring. Their flowers pop well against their grayish-green foliage.

Catmint is often confused for catnip, but these two plants are not the same, as catnip is not an ornamental plant and attracts cats, and Catmint is an ornamental plant that does not attract cats.

These plants are perfect companions to Calla Lilies as they enjoy full sun conditions, well-draining soil, and they are heat and drought-tolerant. Catmint plants have a shallow root system and will not compete much with your Calla Lilies.

2 – Lavender


Lavender is a stunning plant known for the delicate yet enticing aroma of its long, purple flowers. Lavender is part of the mint family and originates from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and India.

This plant is a good choice to plant with your Calla Lilies as they have a shallow root system, prefer full sun conditions, and can withstand hot climates. These plants also accentuate the lovely colors of the Calla Lilies in your garden, making them stand out even more.

Lavender is not only a great companion plant for your Calla Lilies, but this plant also has some added benefits for you as well. Lavender has been used for many problems, including insomnia, skin blemishes, and provides relief from asthma symptoms.

3 – Hostas


Hostas are a favorite among gardeners as they are beautiful plants that are relatively low-maintenance, and they accentuate all gardens well. Hostas have lush foliage that is generally a lovely bright green on the inside with a white border.

Hostas are perennial plants, so you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. These plants are considered shade lovers, but their sunlight requirements will depend on the color of the plant you go for.

So, to plant Hostas with your Calla Lilies, you should opt for the Hostas that are greener in color as these will have a better chance of thriving in the full sun conditions needed by the Calla Lilies. These plants have a shallow root system, ensuring your Calla Liles have all the room they require in the soil.

4 – Cosmos


Cosmos plants are stunning plants that come in a wide array of colors for you to choose from, so you can find ones that perfectly match your Calla Lilies in your garden.

Cosmos plants are annual, which does mean you will need to replant them every year, but they are easy to grow by sprinkling a few seeds into the soil after the frost has passed. This plant flowers quickly and will flower through the fall months.

This plant requires full sun conditions and well-draining soil, so they make the perfect match for the Calla Lilies in your garden. Cosmos plants are one of your best choices to plant with your Calla Lilies.

5 – Marigolds


Marigolds are a cheerful plant that has brought smiles to many people’s faces. This plant has been described as the sunshine of flowers, which should give you an indication of just how beautiful these plants are.

These flowers are annual flowers, but they bring a touch of gold, brass, and copper to your garden, which can make your Calla Lilies pop. The Marigold flowers look like a daisy, except with more petals, and they are grown in clusters on the plant.

There are about 50 species of Marigolds, so you are sure to find one that you like and that suits your garden well.

6 – Geraniums


Geraniums are some of the most popular bedding flowers in the world. These plants can grow well and thrive when grown indoors and outdoors.

Geraniums will have different care requirements based on where you keep them. If you keep your Geraniums indoors, they will require lots of sunlight to bloom properly, just like the Calla Lilies, and if you keep them outdoors, you need to ensure they are in full sun.

These plats need to be grown in well-draining soil, and they require that their soil stays moist, just like Calla Lilies. These plants have shallow root systems, so they will not compete with your Calla Lilies for nutrients and water.

7 – Dianthus


Dianthus, also known as pinks, may be used as borders in gardens or potted plant displays, and their flowers give off a spicy fragrance when they are in full bloom. These plants are very attractive, and they are easy to care for and offer you a great deal of versatility with your garden.

Dianthus plants are small, generally only growing to between 6 and 18 inches tall, and they produce small flowers that are pink, red, or salmon, with white borders along the petals.

These plants need well-draining and nutrient-rich soil, and they prefer full sun conditions, making them perfect companion plants for your Calla Lilies.

8 – Freesia


Freesia plants are a favorite among gardeners as their flowers come in many different jewel-toned colors, and they have a delicate perfume-like scent that many find intoxicating. These plants can thrive indoors and outdoors, and they do not take up much space in the soil.

This means they will not compete with your Calla Lilies for water or nutrients, so they will live together peacefully. These plants need well-draining soil as they are prone to developing root rot, and they will thrive in full sun conditions.

With Freesia plants, if you have harsh winters, you will need to dig them up and overwinter them indoors, like your Calla Lilies.

9 – Zinnias


Zinnias are some of the easiest plants to care for, and they will grow in just about any growing conditions you throw at them. These plants grow quickly and bloom fast, meaning you will have beautiful flowers filling your garden in no time.

Zinnias are extremely colorful flowers that will accentuate your Calla Lilies perfectly. These plants are annuals, so you will need to replant them every year, but they are extremely easy to grow from seed.

Zinnias have daisy-like flowers that are bright and colorful, and there is one solitary flower on each of the plant’s stems.

10 – Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny plants are the only ground cover plants on this list, as they have a shallow root system, and other ground cover plants do not. This plant creates a gorgeous glossy green cover over your flower beds.

Creeping Jenny is an evergreen plant, so you will have some color in your garden throughout winter if you do not have frost. This plant grows fast and will produce low-growing stems with small lime green leaves.

Creeping Jenny plants prefer part-shade conditions, but as they are ground cover plants, you can still plant them with your Calla Lilies as the Lilies will provide enough shade for them.

11 – Roses

Orange Rose Bush

Roses are stunning plants that are well known for their beauty and are often grown as prized plants, but roses can make a great companion plant for your Calla Lilies too. We all know that roses come in varying colors, so you can find ones that suit your Lilies and garden well.

Roses can be a bit more difficult to care for, but they require the same growing conditions as Calla Lilies, so if your roses are happy and healthy, you know your Calla Lilies are thriving too. Roses also have a shallow root system, so there will be plenty of soil space for both plants.

12 – Other Lilies

Cancun Lily

If none of the other plants on this list tickle your fancy, then you can always plant more Lilies with your Calla Lilies. There are numerous different Lily plants in the world that you can choose from; each one will complement your Calla Lilies well.

If you choose to plant more Lilies, you do not need to worry about growing conditions for other plants, as they all have almost the same care requirements with only slight variations that will not matter much.

Final Thoughts

Calla Lilies are beautiful plants, and many different plants pair well with them. Not only because they have the same care requirements but because they also complement each other’s colors and vibrancy, making your garden or home pop with color and smell incredible.

Good luck choosing the companion plants for your Calla Lilies!

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