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13 Beautiful Plants to Plant with Your Peonies

13 Beautiful Plants to Plant with Your Peonies

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Peonies always seem to stand out in gardens because of how amazing they look. These flowers can steal the show in your garden area and this is certainly a good thing.

They’re fragrant and they really provide a great atmosphere in your yard. That doesn’t mean that you want your yard to consist of only peonies, though.

You want to find some plants that will work well with them. Which plants work best when you’re trying to plant them near peonies?

Keep reading to get some important advice about what to plant with these flowers. This will give you a lot to think about and you’ll be able to make a final decision about which plants interest you once you have all of the details.

1 – Foxglove

Purple Foxglove Close Up

Foxglove is a type of flower that some people refer to as a “spike bloomer.” Essentially, the flowers form along a spike and this looks a lot different than the round-shaped peony blooms.

If you’re looking for a type of flower that pairs well with peonies, then foxglove flowers will fit the bill. You could also choose other types of spike bloomer flowers such as lupines or delphiniums if you prefer the way that they look.

You should be able to easily find a spike bloomer option that suits your needs. Many grow at different heights, so you can find spike bloomers that can go in front of the peonies or ones that can be planted behind them due to growing to be rather tall.

2 – Ornamental Grass

Blue Fescue

Have you thought about planting ornamental grass types near your peonies? There are many different options that you could consider if you decide to use this idea.

Many enthusiasts think that ornamental grass has a great leaf texture that pairs up well with the peonies. The only thing you need to be careful about is what type of grass you choose.

You see, many types of ornamental grasses will spread easily. Some of them are considered to be invasive, and if you’re not careful, it’s possible that the grass could spread and be detrimental to the peonies.

It might be ideal to choose something that’s fairly simple to manage such as blue fescue. Burgundy bunny grass is another popular choice that you won’t have to worry about spreading too far and bothering the peonies.

3 – Daylilies

Yellow Daylily

Daylilies might be some of the best flowers that you can plant alongside peonies. They have excellent flowers that are very attention-grabbing, and the texture of the leaves also stands out.

One of the best reasons to consider going with daylilies is that they provide a nice contrast to peonies. They’re going to look good when planted near each other.

Daylilies are also pretty easy to care for overall. Anyone who is looking for another beautiful flower option will want to consider planting daylilies.

4 – Azaleas

Orange Azaleas

Azaleas are types of shrubs that many people have in their yards. Having an evergreen shrub such as this in your yard can be very beneficial.

You’ll often find people planting azaleas near the base of peony plants. It helps to conceal the base and it keeps everything looking quite nice.

As an added benefit, azaleas that are planted underneath peonies can help to support them a bit. This is good when you have peonies that are a bit top-heavy.

5 – Bearded Iris


The bearded iris is a plant that will make for an amazing companion to your peonies. This plant has frilly flowers that come in different colors such as orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple, and red.

It’s also just nice to know that bearded irises have a unique look that will help them to stand out. The way that the flowers droop down makes them look sort of like a beard, and it’s definitely going to garner a bit of attention.

If you need any more encouragement to consider planting a bearded iris in your yard, then you’ll enjoy hearing that this plant is easy to care for. This is a low-maintenance plant that will be an incredibly practical choice for most gardeners.

6 – Columbines


Columbines are so gorgeous that it would be hard not to appreciate them. They’ll look really nice if you plant them alongside your peonies, and they’ll manage to stand out in some ways.

These flowers have two obvious petal layers when they’re in full bloom. The way that the colors pop really helps to add beauty to your garden area.

If you happen to enjoy seeing hummingbirds in your yard, then this will be a great plant to have. Hummingbirds love columbines and will constantly be coming by to check them out.

7 – Roses


Roses are obviously some of the most gorgeous flowers in the world. There’s a reason why people have elaborate rose gardens and why roses have become such an iconic romantic symbol.

If you’re looking for something to plant with the peonies that can match their beauty, then planting roses makes all the sense in the world. It helps that roses and peonies actually complement each other quite nicely.

You can use roses to accentuate the beauty of the peonies or you can focus on trying to make the roses look as amazing as possible. Either way, your yard will look nicer when you plant roses.

8 – Alliums

Close Up Of Purple Alliums

Alliums are very tall and they have fun bushy flowers. The flowers are spherical and you can find them in blue and purple varieties.

They’re definitely going to provide a different type of look in your garden. These are flowers that are beautiful in a completely different way than peonies.

Some gardeners like using these flowers in their gardens since squirrels have a hard time getting to them. If you have to deal with animals messing with your flowers often, then planting alliums might be a way to mitigate some of those issues.

9 – Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Close Up

Bleeding heart is a very interesting type of flower that’s going to get plenty of attention in your yard. This plant has heart-shaped flower petals, and the flowers are normally going to be pink.

It’s easy to see why so many people would be interested in having this type of plant in their yards. They’re also fairly hardy plants overall and this means that you won’t have to worry too much about them getting damaged by animals.

Anyone who wants a plant that is going to help add some variety to the area will love bleeding heart plants. They’ll look good alongside peonies for sure.

10 – Hydrangeas

Pink Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are so vibrant and they’re going to make sense as a plant to complement peonies. You’ll love how big and colorful the blooms are if you decide to plant these in your yard.

You’ll usually find hydrangeas with purple or pink blooms. Sometimes the blooms will be a combination of pink and purple.

These plants are also very good for people who want plants that are easy to take care of. Hydrangeas don’t require a lot of maintenance besides regular watering.

11 – Lavender

Lavender Flowers

What would you think about planting some lavender at the bottom of the peonies? Lavender plants produce small purple flowers that are a little bit fuzzy.

These are also plants that are known for being quite fragrant. Many people love the scent of lavender, and this is likely why it’s used in so many different laundry detergent products.

You’ll need to water lavender plants thoroughly when they need to be watered, but they can go a while without being watered. This is a very pretty plant that might work out perfectly in your garden area underneath the peonies.

12 – Camellias

Pink Camellias Close Up

Camellias are large flowers that look sort of like roses to the untrained eye. These are shrubs that produce pretty flowers and they can have a 12-foot diameter at maximum growth.

It’s also noteworthy that camellias have an incredibly long life span. There are camellias out there that have stayed alive for an entire century.

The soft look of the flowers and the perfect rounded shape of the petals will appeal to you. If you don’t want to plant roses in your garden, then going with camellias instead will work nicely.

13 – Daffodils


Finally, daffodils are well worth considering as plants to accompany peonies, too. These wide yellow flowers are great additions to any garden that could use a bit of color.

They’re good choices for anyone who would like to plant something that will be easy to care for. Daffodils are low-maintenance plants and simply need to be watered regularly.

You’ll likely find that the yellow will look quite nice with most types of peonies. Depending on what color scheme you wish to go for in your garden area, daffodils might be the right choice to make.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different plants that you can plant with peonies. You’ve been given a large list of amazing options, and choosing the best ones will be up to you.

You might want other beautiful plants with colorful blooms that will look good next to the peonies. There are options that will help you to cover the base of the peonies as well.

Simply take the time to look into each of these great plants. You might wind up determining that you’d like to add many of these plants to your yard when possible.

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