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Why Are Hoya Plants So Expensive? (2 Common Reasons)

Why Are Hoya Plants So Expensive? (2 Common Reasons)

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Buying hoyas for your home likely seems like an appealing option. Many people buy these plants and put them in hanging planters.

They’ll look great in your home and they’re also perfect for enclosed porch areas. When hoyas bloom, they look incredibly pretty, too.

If you’re looking into buying hoyas you might be slightly taken aback by how pricey they are. Is there a reason why these plants are so expensive?

Continue reading to learn about hoyas and why they cost so much money. This should help you to understand the situation a little bit better.

1 – Some Types of Hoyas Are Rare

There are types of hoyas out there that are rarer than others. For example, you can find hoyas that have rare variegation.

One type of hoya is known for being incredibly pricey. The hoya carnosa compacta is also sometimes referred to as the “Hindu rope” plant.

It’s pricey because it’s rare and it requires very specific growth conditions. Such plants might be sold at auctions for large sums of money.

There are reports that the Hindu rope plant has been sold for as much as $6,500. When you see plants being sold for thousands of dollars, it’s safe to assume that they’re rare.

Rare plants are harder to come by and they will fetch a large price when people decide to sell them. If something is hard to grow, that’s another reason why the price will be high.

2 – Supply and Demand

Another reason why hoyas might be expensive is that they’re popular. Many people love these plants because they find them to be beautiful.

Popular houseplants will always sell well at nurseries and garden centers. These plants can fetch a higher price than those that aren’t selling as often.

Hoyas will sometimes go up in price due to supply and demand. If the supply is lower than the demand, the price will rise accordingly.

This is true for many things that you might buy from the store. If there’s a shortage of certain types of products, you might see the price rise due to the shortage.

Some nurseries and garden centers might raise the prices slightly on hoyas if they’re having a hard time keeping them in stock. You could be experiencing a bit of a shortage of hoya plants in your area at the moment, and this has led to prices being higher than you’re used to.

They Became More Popular During the Pandemic

It should be noted that hoyas became more popular during the pandemic. Many people started keeping houseplants while being stuck in lockdown.

This is true in many areas around the world. People from Europe, the United States, Canada, and many other places started getting into caring for houseplants.

Hoyas are among the plants that grew in popularity during this time. Many young people started ordering hoyas for the first time online.

The increased demand for these hoyas led to supply chain issues. So many local stores haven’t been able to keep as many in stock as they used to.

This eventually led to small price increases across the board. This is all related to the supply and demand discussion above.

You might have a better idea of why these supply and demand issues came into being now. It seems like the prices have stabilized now.

Not all types of hoyas became super expensive during the pandemic either. It’s just true that this period of time led to slightly higher prices for these popular houseplants.

The Beauty of the Flowers

Why are hoyas so popular? They can produce beautiful flowers.

Granted, not all hoyas can produce flowers. Many of the most popular types can, and they’re known for producing gorgeous star-shaped flowers.

The pretty nature of these flowers makes them appealing to the masses. People enjoy keeping these plants in their homes.

They’re houseplants that look nice in many different settings. They’ll look good in living rooms, but they’re good options when you need plants for your porch as well.

Not All Hoyas Are Expensive

Keep in mind that not all types of hoyas are expensive. You can find plenty of plants at local stores that are being sold for under $30.

It’s even easy to find various types of popular hoya plants being sold on popular online marketplaces. If you’re interested in buying hoyas, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get what you need.

Hoyas are affordable enough when you’re looking into getting common types of hoyas. So long as you’re buying normal plants and not rare ones, it shouldn’t be unreasonably expensive.

Of course, there might sometimes be situations where the prices will go up a bit. The same is true for many other types of plants.

Even if the prices go up slightly, most hoyas aren’t exorbitantly priced. You might consider them to be slightly pricier than some other houseplants, but they aren’t so expensive that normal people can’t buy them.

Spending even $50 or $100 on certain types of houseplants isn’t unheard of. Many types of hoyas can be purchased for less money than that.

Hoyas Can Be Tough for Some Beginners

Despite the popularity of these plants, hoyas aren’t actually the best options for beginners. It’s not that they’re incredibly hard to care for, but they can be a bit finicky.

Hoyas are plants that are sensitive to issues with sunlight and water. They need both sunlight and water to thrive, but it’s easy to get things wrong.

When caring for hoyas, it’s imperative to give them bright to medium sunlight. They can’t stand direct sunlight, though.

You’ll scorch the plants if you put them in direct sunlight. So you need to find a good spot near a bright window where you can provide them with indirect or filtered sunlight.

Watering the plants is important, but you need to let the soil dry out almost completely first. This means you must check the soil with your fingers to get the right results.

It’s easy to cause root rot if you water the plants too much. So you must be mindful of the soil conditions and make good decisions to avoid issues.

These plants can be a bit sensitive to temperature fluctuations, too. So don’t place them near drafty windows, vents, or air conditioning units.

Should You Buy Hoyas?

Whether you should buy hoyas or not is up to you. If you’re looking for a pretty houseplant that produces gorgeous flowers, these plants might be a perfect choice.

Some types of hoyas might be a bit pricey. However, you can easily find hoyas being sold for under $30 at various retailers.

They make good houseplants and caring for them can be rewarding. Also, they live for a very long time when you care for them well.

Hoyas have been known to live for longer than thirty years with optimal care. You could enjoy your new houseplant for a long time if you put in the work.

Take all of this information into account and then choose what you want to do. It should be easier to figure out what you want now that you have all of the facts.

These are lovely plants that so many people enjoy. They may or may not be a perfect fit for your situation depending on your expectations.

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