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How Long Can a Fiddle Leaf Fig Really Go Without Water?

How Long Can a Fiddle Leaf Fig Really Go Without Water?

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Fiddle leaf figs are definitely very popular houseplants. Many people consider them to be some of the nicest houseplants that you can buy.

They look stunning and truly stand out in a workspace or in your living room. However, these plants can be a little tricky to keep alive.

Many novices have a hard time with fiddle leaf figs for a number of different reasons. To keep these plants alive, you need to ensure that you’re caring for them properly.

Mistakes such as forgetting to water the plant could cause issues. How long are fiddle leaf figs supposed to be able to go without water, though?

Keep reading to learn more about fiddle leaf figs and how often you’re supposed to water them. You should have a better idea of what you need to be doing to keep your plant in good condition.

Fiddle Leaf Figs Can Go at Least a Week Without Water

A fiddle leaf fig plant is supposed to be able to go at least a week without water. It’s said that the exact time that a fiddle leaf fig can go without needing to be watered is between seven and ten days.

That’s good for most new plant enthusiasts who are getting used to caring for plants. The plant doesn’t need to be watered multiple times a week or anything such as that.

This doesn’t mean that you can ignore the plant, though. If you aren’t doing things well, then you might notice that the plant will look a bit droopy.

There can be various factors that will tell you that the plant needs to be watered. For instance, you might see physical signs that the plant is begging for water.

Wilting Leaves

If you see that the leaves on your fiddle leaf fig are wilting, then that’s a sign that you aren’t watering the plant enough. These plants have very big leaves, and they will start to wilt if it has been a long time since you watered the plant.

Leaves wilt when there isn’t any water passing through the plant’s cells. Take this sign as an indicator that you should give it some water as soon as possible.

The leaves should perk up once you water the plant again. In the future, try not to wait until the leaves are wilting to give the plant water.

Brown Leaves

Brown leaves or brown spots on leaves might start to show up if you continue to not water the plant. It’s a sign that the plant isn’t in good condition.

Often, the brown spots will start at the edges of the leaves. Eventually, the spots will cover a greater portion of the leaves.

The plant could even start losing leaves entirely if you don’t take action. This is a direct result of not watering the fiddle leaf fig plant often enough.

A Lack of Water Stunts the Growth of the Plant

You should also know that a lack of water will stunt the growth of the plant. Under normal conditions, a healthy fiddle leaf fig can grow new leaves every four to six weeks.

If the growth is much slower, it might be able to be attributed to you not watering it enough. Water is a necessary component of growth.

Missing one week of watering the plant shouldn’t have a great impact on the growth rate. It’ll slow things down just a bit.

It’s when you’re really waiting too long to water the plant that you’ll see the growth slow down substantially. It’s just a reminder that you need to water the plant properly to keep it in good shape.

How Should You Water the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

You’ve learned a bit about negative things that can happen when you don’t water the fiddle leaf fig plant. It can have stunted growth or it might develop brown leaves.

So what do you need to do to prevent that from happening? Remember to water it every seven to ten days.

Simply check the soil condition to see if the plant is ready to be watered or not. You can use your fingers to see how the soil is doing.

If the soil is dry, then you’re going to want to water the plant thoroughly. This will ensure that the houseplant has enough water to thrive.

In the wild, fiddle leaf figs are considered to be rainforest plants. They normally get a large amount of water at once and then experience dry spells.

So you should thoroughly water the plant and then wait to water it again for approximately ten days. Sometimes the fiddle leaf fig plant will need to be watered again before this, though.

Factors such as heat and sunlight will play a role in how fast you’ll need to water the plant again. Just check the plant once it has been seven days since the last watering session to see how things are going.

What Can You Do While Away on Vacation?

Going on vacation is going to be a tough situation for those who are trying to take care of their plants. No matter what type of plants you’re taking care of, it’s going to be necessary to figure out the watering situation.

Fiddle leaf figs will need to be watered while you’re away if you’re gone for long enough. If you’re going on vacation for a week or longer, then something will need to be figured out or you might come home to find your plants in terrible shape.

One idea is to ensure that you have someone who can come over and water your plants for you. You can leave them specific instructions about how they’re supposed to water the fiddle leaf fig plants.

They can then follow the instructions so that the plants will receive the necessary amount of water. It’s likely the most practical solution to this issue.

If you have money to spend, then you could hire a caretaker to look after your plants while you’re away. If you have a large garden area, then this is going to be a practical idea that will ensure the safety of your plants while you’re gone on vacation.

Most people don’t have the excess money to burn to consider something like this, though. It’s almost surely best to call a friend and see if they can help.

You might even want to consider having a family member stay at your place while you’re gone. There might be a relative in the city who will be able to look after your pets and plants while you’re away.

If you’re only going to be gone for a weekend, then your fiddle leaf fig is going to be fine. Since this plant generally needs to be watered every seven to ten days, it might not be that big of a concern.

Final Thoughts

Fiddle leaf figs are great plants that you’ll love having in your home. You just need to remember to take care of them properly.

The first step toward keeping the plant in good shape involves learning how to water it properly. A fiddle leaf fig plant should be watered every seven to ten days.

Water the plant thoroughly and then wait to water it again until the time is right. Try not to go too long without watering it since it could wilt or develop brown leaves.

If you keep this in mind, then you’ll be able to enjoy the fiddle leaf fig to the fullest. It’ll look amazing in your home or office environment.

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