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Unlock the Secrets to Growing Giant, Stunning Daylilies

Unlock the Secrets to Growing Giant, Stunning Daylilies

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Daylilies are so pretty and many people love planting them in their yards. These are versatile plants that can be used for a number of different purposes.

If you love the way that daylilies look, then you probably have a bunch of them in your yard already. Those who are new to caring for daylilies will quickly learn how neat they are.

It’s good to get as much information about new plants that you can. For instance, you might be curious how big daylilies are going to get.

Will daylilies wind up growing to be very large? Or are they somewhat small plants?

Continue reading to learn about how big daylilies get on average. You’ll also be able to read about tips for making daylilies as big as possible.

The Average Size of Daylilies

You’ll find that daylilies can vary in size quite a bit. They can wind up growing to be anywhere between one and four feet high.

Every daylily plant is going to produce many flowers, too. There are many flower buds on these plants that will open up over time.

When measuring the size of the plant, it’s also good to consider how wide they can get. After all, you want to ensure that you space things out in your garden properly.

Daylilies should grow to be between two and four feet wide. That means that they will be sizable plants when all is said and done.

There Are Different Varieties of Daylilies

If you’re concerned about the size of daylilies, then you should know that there are many varieties to choose from. You should be able to find daylilies that will meet your expectations in terms of size.

Those who would prefer to have plants that are a bit smaller will be able to find miniature daylilies or dwarf daylilies. Some of the popular dwarf varieties will only grow to be one foot long.

If you want big and bold daylilies in your garden, then you can pick out a variety that is known to be very big. It just makes sense to seek out a plant that is going to be as close to what you want as possible.

There are all sorts of daylily hybrids out there that you can check out. Some of them have even been bred to have specific color variations that are quite pleasing to the eye.

How Can You Make Them Grow Bigger?

So now that you’ve learned about the average size range of daylilies, you’re likely wondering how to make them as big as possible. What if you want the daylilies to be large and produce the most satisfying flowers?

There are some things that you can try that will have an impact on the plants. Taking certain actions should be able to promote growth nicely.

Read the information below to learn exactly what you should be doing if you wish to make daylilies grow to be as big as possible. This should help you to get the results that you’re hoping for.

Pick a Sunny Spot for the Daylilies

Picking a sunny spot for the daylilies will be one of the most important things to remember to do. These plants need ample sunlight to be able to grow strong.

It’s said that you need to give daylilies at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. This ensures that they will have enough energy to flower and grow big.

You can choose to grow daylilies in partial shade if you want to. The problem is that there won’t be nearly as many blooms if you choose to do this.

Pick a spot in the garden where the daylilies will get full sun for at least six hours per day. It’d be best for the daylilies to get morning sun since the morning sunlight isn’t as harsh as afternoon sunlight.

Those who live in very hot climates will need to be careful with these plants. Too much scorching hot sun can cause problems for daylilies.

This is why utilizing the morning sun will be for the best. You might need to provide your daylilies with artificial shade if necessary.

Consider Using Mulch

Mulch can be very helpful when you’re growing daylilies. There are two big things that it will do for the plants that will make them able to grow stronger.

It protects the plants from weeds and it helps to retain moisture. Weeds can be a bigger problem than many people realize.

The weeds will compete with the daylilies and might prevent them from getting the nutrients that they need. Mulch simply counters this and ensures that the daylilies won’t need to worry about weeds in the garden.

Retaining moisture makes it so that you don’t have to water the plants quite as often. A good layer of organic mulch will work wonders.

For the first few weeks after planting daylilies, you’re supposed to water them every few days. After this time has passed, you should be able to get away with watering them one or twice per week.

It’s said that one inch of water is ideal for the daylilies. Try to keep an eye on how much water the plants are getting so that you can water them if necessary.

Depending on where you live, the daylilies might get enough water from natural rainfall. If you’re paying attention to the plants, then it’s likely that all will be fine.


Fertilizer has the potential to help the daylilies grow larger and produce bigger blooms. You just need to use it the right way.

Of course, it’s said that daylilies don’t necessarily need fertilizer. If you plant daylilies in nutrient-rich soil, then they should be able to thrive without fertilizer.

So the first thing to do is to remember to use the best soil that you can find. It might be necessary to replenish the nutrients in the soil using the fertilizer if the situation is right.

Consider fertilizing the soil during the springtime using a standard 5-10-5 fertilizer. This should be the only time that you will need to use the fertilizer.

If the soil that you’re using isn’t the best, then a second application of fertilizer will be beneficial. Consider fertilizing the garden again during the late summer months.

This should help you to grow the biggest daylilies possible. They will look really nice in your yard and you’ll be very happy with how much they stand out.

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