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Not All Anthurium Plants Are Pricey: The Surprising Affordability of This Stunning Foliage

Not All Anthurium Plants Are Pricey: The Surprising Affordability of This Stunning Foliage

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Anthurium plants have long been considered to be among the most desirable flowering houseplants. They’re gorgeous plants that make your home look that much nicer.

You might want to purchase a few of these plants for your home sometime soon. However, you likely have a budget and don’t want to spend too much cash on houseplants.

Can anthurium plants be purchased without breaking the bank? Or are they plants that are a bit on the pricey side?

Continue reading to learn about the average cost of anthurium plants. This should help you to plan ahead so you can easily get what you want.

There Are Many Types of Anthuriums

You should know that there isn’t just one type of anthurium. So not all anthuriums are going to cost the same amount of money.

There are many different anthurium types out there that you can look into buying. Some will be more expensive than others.

You’ll find that anthuriums are diverse enough that they come in many different sizes. Average-sized anthuriums are known to grow between twelve and eighteen inches long.

These are the most common types of anthuriums and are what most people will be looking for. Many of these types of anthuriums will be sold in common garden centers.

Miniature anthuriums are small plants that stay under three inches tall. They’re small plants, but they’re great for people who want to keep little plants in offices or cubicles.

Giant anthuriums are the opposite since they’re truly huge. Many of these plants will grow to be between three and four feet tall, and they can be up to three feet wide.

Depending on your desires, you might want a particular type of anthurium plant. Some will be affordable, while others will be pricey.

Many Anthuriums Are Affordable

It’s easy to find anthuriums being sold at reasonable prices. So don’t think that all anthuriums are expensive.

You might come across an anthurium that is being sold for a lot of money. However, it’s more common to find anthuriums that are being sold at low prices.

Commonly, you’ll find anthuriums being sold at garden centers for $15.00. You might find some larger plants being sold for $30.00 or even $50.00.

As you’d expect, some anthuriums will cost more than others. Even so, these are affordable prices that aren’t going to be out of the price range that an average houseplant enthusiast will be comfortable with.

So you can easily get many anthuriums that are reasonably priced when shopping at local stores. Go to your local garden centers or nurseries and see what they have available.

You can also find anthuriums being sold for between $15.00 and $50.00 online. It’s easy to get what you need shipped right to your home if you’d like to go that route.

Why Are Some Anthuriums Expensive?

There are a few reasons why some anthuriums are rather expensive. The first is likely going to be fairly obvious to you.

Some anthuriums are rarer than others. Common plants are typically sold at lower prices, but rare ones are sold at high prices because there simply aren’t as many of them to go around.

Rare anthurium plants will cost more money due to supply and demand issues. The demand for the plants is high while the supply is low, so the price will be higher in response to that demand.

Another reason why many anthuriums are pricey has to do with the types of plants that they are. These are tropical plants that cost a bit more due to having very specific care requirements.

They’re a bit harder to care for than some other houseplants despite being fairly hardy overall. Also, there could be greater transport fees involved in getting them to your local stores.

All of these factors combine to make certain anthuriums more expensive. Depending on your budget, you might wish to stick to buying anthuriums that are low in cost.

What Is the Most Expensive Type of Anthurium?

The anthurium regale is recognized as the most expensive anthurium on the market. In the past, small anthurium regales might have been sold for a little over $100.

Since then, it’s been even harder to find these plants. There are reports of people paying $400 or more for these plants in the modern market.

This is a rare species of anthurium that is large and beautiful and has great color. It makes sense that people would want to own this houseplant.

As nice as they are, it’s not going to be practical for most people to try to hunt one down. They’re not found very often, and it’s hard to get them when they do go up for sale.

You’ll be competing with other people who want these houseplants. Prepare to pay a pretty penny for the anthurium regale houseplant if you decide that you must have it for your collection.

Final Thoughts

Do your best to make good choices, and you can get anthurium plants without breaking the bank. Many of these plants are sold for $15.00, and even some of the really nice ones only cost $35.00 or so.

Some plants are rarer and more expensive. If you like some of the rare plants and have the cash to spend on them, they will make good additions to your home, but not everyone is going to want to spend so much money.

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