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How to Propagate Peace Lilies (Step by Step)

How to Propagate Peace Lilies (Step by Step)

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Peace lilies are very popular and common household plants that you might have in your home.

If you love your peace lilies, then you might be interested in learning how to propagate them. Learning how to do this can help you to turn your mature peace lily plant into multiple peace lilies.

It actually isn’t all that hard to propagate a peace lily either so long as you follow the steps carefully. Read on to learn everything that you need to know about peace lily propagation.

This will act as a sort of step-by-step guide that you can follow while you get used to the propagation process.

How To Propagate Peace Lilies (Step By Step)

Make Sure You’re Using a Matured Plant

Before going any further, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re using a mature peace lily for this propagation process.

If you use a plant that is too young, then you are not likely going to have an easy time. It’s always best to take a bit of time to check to ensure that your peace lily is mature enough to go through with this.

You can check to see if a peace lily is mature by looking for a crown. Depending on how mature your plant is and how many crowns there are, it’ll be possible to divide your peace lily into multiple plants.

A less mature peace lily might be able to be divided into one or two parts, but a more mature one might have enough crowns to make many more plants.

When you’re coming up with your plan for how many peace lilies you want to make out of your mother plant, it’s best to be logical. Be mindful of how many crowns the peace lily has and try not to spread things too thin.

If you’re having some doubts, then you can err on the side of caution by not dividing the plant too many times.

However, you shouldn’t be overly wary of dividing because a peace lily can be divided quite a few times so long as it has the necessary crowns and you’re doing things right.

Just look down at your peace lily and examine the crowns for a little while to make a good judgment call. You’ll definitely be able to figure things out and go from there.

Take Your Plant Out of the Pot

Next, you’re going to need to take your plant out of the pot. This step can be tricky sometimes depending on the type of pot that the peace lily is in.

There are occasions where the peace lily will get stuck in the pot and it’ll seem very difficult to get it to pop out.

One of the best practices to try to get your peace lily out of the pot is to gently tap the bottom of the pot until the peace lily slides out. This often works really well so long as you’re leaning the pot to one side.

Do your best to keep the peace lily together as you’re popping it out of the pot so that you can cleanly move on to the next step.

Start Dividing the Peace Lily

Multiple Peace Lillies

Now that your peace lily is freed from its pot, it’s going to be time to start dividing it up. You want to divide the peace lily by the crowns using a sharp knife.

Taking a crown section from the mother plant won’t be too difficult so long as your knife is sharp enough.

You might have some situations where it’ll be easy to separate a crown section from a peace lily without the knife, too. It won’t always be this way, but don’t be worried if this occurs.

Just try to separate the plants from the mother plant at the crown sections as logically as you can based on how mature the plant is.

It’s also best to remember that the crown sections that you’re separating are going to need to have two leaves or more with roots attached to propagate properly. You should try to make sure that this is done right so that you don’t inadvertently harm your peace lily.

If you’re following the advice that you have been given so far, then everything should be going quite well.

Preparation Time

Preparation time is the period where you’re going to be getting ready to transfer your new peace lily plants to where they need to be. You’re getting ready to place them in their own pots and it’ll take some time to get things set up.

Typically, it’s going to be a good idea to place your peace lilies on a newspaper or something like that to avoid making a mess while you’re getting your pots and soil ready.

You also want to take a little time to further examine your new plants so that you can make some changes. You might need to remove certain loose parts of the roots of your plants and some leaves might have brown tips.

If you’ve done a thorough check of these plants and have removed the necessary problem sections, then you’ll be ready to move on.

Potting Your Plants

Potting your plants is one of the most important steps of the propagation process and you want to do your best to get things right.

The first thing to know about potting your peace lilies is that a four-inch pot is generally going to be a good size to use. You should make sure to fill your four-inch pots with a peat-based potting mix as well.

Go ahead and pot your plants so that you can get them settled in where they need to be. Pay attention to the soil that you’re using because this will tell you whether you need to water your peace lilies or not.

If the soil that you’re using is quite moist already, then there is no need to water them.

If you’re using fresh dry soil, then you’re going to want to water your peace lilies thoroughly. This is a pretty standard and easy part of the process and you should be happy to know that you’re close to being done.

Just a little more to go and you’ll have your new peace lilies all ready.

Place Your Peace Lily Pots Somewhere Appropriate

With your peace lilies safely in their new pots, it’s going to be good to put them somewhere appropriate. You want to find a place where they can get some bright light each day so that they can grow.

If you have a window nearby, then you can place them somewhat close to it so that they can thrive there.

Peace lilies don’t need to be in direct sunlight to thrive, but they do well with indirect sunlight. If you place them in direct sunlight too much, then they might wind up getting brown leaves or yellowing somewhat.

Many experts say that placing your peace lilies approximately six-feet away from a window is a strong idea.

As long as you put a little thought into where you’re putting your peace lilies, you should have an easy time with them. You don’t want to place them somewhere that is always dark because they won’t do as well in that environment.

Definitely find somewhere near a window and remember to let some light in each day so that they can get what they need.

Caring for Peace Lilies

Peace Lily

Caring for peace lilies isn’t overly difficult and you can count on these plants to be quite hardy. You definitely do need to water them every so often.

An interesting tip for watering peace lilies is that they start to sag a bit when they need to be watered.

If you can look out for your peace lilies, then you shouldn’t have a hard time keeping them healthy. Most peace lilies will need to be watered about once per week, but you can always check the soil to make sure of how things are going.

It’s also best to use water that does not contain any chlorine since peace lilies do not like chlorinated water.

You might think that using fertilizer would be a good idea for these new peace lilies, but you should hold off. It’s going to be good to wait about two months before you feed the plants.

Once it has been two months since you separated the plants from the mother plant you can go ahead and give them some fertilizer.

Final Thoughts

You now know everything that you need to know about peace lily propagation. If you were worried or intimidated by this process before you started reading, then you should be more at ease now.

You can now see that peace lily propagation isn’t super complicated and that it’s something that anyone can do so long as they treat the plants with care.

It’ll be good for you to be able to propagate your peace lilies as time goes on. You’ll have a simple time creating healthy plants as long as you’re paying attention to the steps.

Care for the plants well once you’ve separated them and everything will continue to go smoothly.

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